Splinterlands Founders Talk to the Community at the Weekly Discord AMA

By Chris Roberts | Splinterlands | 22 Jun 2021

Splinterlands was built by its community from the ground up starting in the summer of 2018. Founders Dr. Jesse Reich and Matthew Rosen shared a vision of empowering players in a trading card game by allowing them to truly own their collections and earn rewards for playing. Splinterlands' earliest days were before the proliferation of the idea of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), but Splinterlands was among the very first games in the world to use them in game. Since then, Splinterlands has constantly grown in popularity, now receiving worldwide media attention as well as new partnerships and investments. It is one of the most active and successful projects in the rapidly growing play-to-earn industry, and without its incredible community, the game never could have enjoyed such success.


Nearly a year ago in response to feedback from Splinterlands' most important advisors (its community), the two co-founders began speaking regularly and casually with the players in a weekly AMA hosted in the game's Discord server. Yabapmatt and Aggroed (as they are known around the Splinterlands community) take time weekly from their busy schedules to answer questions and respond to feedback directly from the players. What started as a simple Q&A session has now grown into a Splinterlands staple, and one that the game's most dedicated players and collectors should never miss.

Many of latest announcement beans have been spilled first in the Discord AMA, where the co-founders like to share the news live to an enthusiastic crowd. There have been guests including Splinterlands VC investors, new advisors and partners. The game's development team is often brought on live to share progress on current updates in the works. And Creative Director Nate Aguila is frequently there to share the latest teasers of upcoming cards and additions from the Splinterlands art team (like the Kobold Archer, pictured below from the highly anticipated Chaos Legion set).


Guests of the Splinterlands AMA tend to hear about things first. And now, with the highly anticipated Splintershards (SPS) update just over the horizon, hearing about things first may be more exciting than ever. 

Join us this Friday (June 25th) for a special evening AMA at 8pm EST in the Splinterlands Discord CommunityWe'll be joined by members of the team at Yield Guild Games, who will answer questions and offer insights into the recently announced partnership between their massive play-to-earn guild and Splinterlands (DETAILS HERE).


If enough members of the community show up live, I'll personally see to it that some new Chaos Legion character art is leaked! ;)


See you on the battlefield!

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Chris Roberts
Chris Roberts

Content Director for Splinterlands


Splinterlands is a collectible trading card game built on blockchain technology. In Splinterlands, you can OWN your cards in a way you never thought possible. You can earn for playing, trade as much as you want on the market with no gas costs, even lease out the cards you're not using for some residual scratch. Get in the game at Splinterlands.com

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