Splinterlands - Cards 9-12 of the Upcoming ΛZMΛRÉ Dice Release Revealed!

By Chris Roberts | Splinterlands | 25 Aug 2020

The Wizards' Council is back with more secrets of the ΛZMΛRÉ Dice to reveal before their upcoming release into the Splinterlands! Those who haven't been following the Wizards' Council or the great explorer Jyitu Burudo can catch up on recent events in the following three reports:

Additionally, Jyitu wanted to remind everyone that he will ONLY accept Dark Energy Crystals (DEC) as payment for his ΛZMΛRÉ Dice!

ΛZMΛRÉ Dice will go on sale Wednesday, August 26th.

The Burning Lands (Fire Splinter)

The Wizards' Council has decoded the dark energy signatures for the The Burning Lands (Fire Splinter) essences contained within the dice - as well as a Neutral Monster - as a result of their continued research...

Qid Yuff


The new 3-mana Summoner for the Fire Splinter is Qid Yuff. He grants all friendly Monsters the Piercing ability, letting their attacks pierce through Armor and damage enemies' Health!

Qid Yuff is one of the most well known Trolls in the Burning Lands. Although he has never bothered to learn the common tongue, his skills of summoning are unmatched at Mount Mox. He uses ancient Troll methods that are unknown even to the Magi of the Forest, who invented modern essence summoning. When he summons, Qid becomes a mysterious whirlwind of scattered runes, bones, scrolls, blades and blood. The monsters he summons appear at the field with a relentless fervor and crazed looks in their eyes. Even the weakest of them can strike like the blow of a piercing lance, and Qid just watches the mayhem with a grin.



The Flamesmith is a strong 7-mana Ranged attacker for the Fire Splinter who can also Shatter enemies' Armor and Repair Armor for his allies!

The strongest weapons and armors in the Burning Lands are crafted by the Ferox Flamesmiths, a silent race of fire people who live beneath the mountains. A Ferox body consists of flowing magma held together by a single fero stone that sits at its core. If a Ferox is killed in combat, its fero stone ceases to glow, the magma cools and stops flowing, and the two horns fall to the ground. Ferox are made for the forge; they can handle superheated metals with their hands, they can harden and reshape parts of their bodies at will, and they can shoot fireballs. A Ferox Flamesmith doesn't just have all the tools it needs. It is the tools.



Caladuum is the new, fearsome Legendary Monster for the Fire Splinter. He is a big, slow, Magic attacking tank who takes reduced damage from incoming Magic attacks through the Void ability, damages Melee attackers with the Thorns ability, and is Immune to all negative status effects.

He also has the final new ability to be introduced in the ΛZMΛRÉ Dice set - "Cripple", which means that every time he hits a target he reduces their max Health by 1! The following are some notes on the new Cripple ability:

  • It takes effect every time a Monster with the Cripple ability hits a target, even if the hit is for 0 damage or only hits the target's Armor.
  • The Cripple ability cannot reduce a Monster's max Health below 1.
  • The Cripple ability only affects the primary target of the attack and not other Monsters that may take damage through the Blast ability.

Deep beneath the cracked ground of the Burning Lands, under the lowest caves of the Serpentines lies a magical stone chamber that has sat undisturbed for many thousands of years. The stones that make the walls of this chamber are living; they are the Vuto-duum, ancient refugees from a distant destroyed planet. They have hidden here in the rocks since the lifeless times, infusing them with a special type of magic that emits a faint violet fog. A cave-in at the Dwarven mines above recently opened a thin passage all the way to the Great Lava Lake at 1200 fathoms below the surface, and the magic escaped.

A small wisp of the violet fog eventually found its way to the Lava Lake and dived in. With complete control over the molten rock, The Vuto-duum were able to finally craft the perfect stone body for their ultimate warrior. Caladuum is infused with all the ancient wisdom and knowledge of the Vuto-duum, as well as their magical powers. He is destined to free them forever from their prison of stone, and the Splinterlands shall know a new champion.



The Grenadier is a powerful Epic Neutral card with an explosive Ranged attack. His grenades Blast enemies near his target, Snare Flying targets, and do double damage against targets with no attacks through the Oppress ability.

A small motley band of thieves called the Fist of Nob in Anumün recently made a big score by hijacking a caravan that was moving serious weight in seed coins. After taking a vote on how to use the money, the Fist decided that with the power of handheld explosions, they would be unstoppable. For what would be considered a fortune to any king, the thieves made a shady deal with one of the chief Engineers of Gobson. In return, the thieves were educated and equipped in the ways of Goblin explosions. With the Goblins’ help, the Fist of Nob was able to design a throwable weapon that causes a large and destructive proximity explosion on impact.

According to an ancient Lyverian text discovered by one of the more scholarly of the gang, the weapon was called a grenade. Thousands of years ago, grenades were wielded by wizards who used them to dominate fields of combat. Now that that power has been rediscovered, those who hold it may be able to turn the tides for the free people of the Splinterlands. The Fist of Nob renamed themselves the Grenadiers and set sail for Mount Mox.



Stay tuned for more updates from the Splinterlands!


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