Splinterlands: Barely a Minute per Battle

By Chris Roberts | Splinterlands | 24 Jun 2020

With all the things to love about Splinterlands, such as constant rewards, an active market and true, blockchain-backed NFT ownership through HIVE, there is one aspect that is often overlooked. It has always been one of my favorite things about Splinterlands, and as I’ve helped countless new players get started, it has quicky become one of their favorites as well.

This game is QUICK!

What Splinterlands is Not

We are not a turn-based card game.
We are not a game that requires long, focused commitment.
We are not expecting you to spend hours of each day dully "grinding it out."
We are not going anywhere. If you don't have time to play, we'll be here waiting when you do.


Choose your Summoner and assemble your team... But hurry!

Contrary to assumptions by gamers who have not yet experienced Splinterlands for themselves, we are not a turn-based TCG. We are a fast-paced drafting and team-building game. The gameplay of Splinterlands has a lot of similarities to *fantasy sports*. You might even say that we put the "fantasy" back in fantasy sports. Players are presented with an opponent and some rulesets (Details HERE), from which point they have only 2-3 minutes to make and submit a team from their collection of cards. That’s it. That’s a Splinterlands battle.

Allow me to break this down a little, and then you should understand how and why you can actually get away with playing Splinterlands at work. Each Splinterlands battle requires a short time of intense focus and commitment, but the beautiful thing is that short time can be as little as 30-45 seconds.

Seeking a Battle


There are only a few “actions” that must be taken by a player in the course of a battle. First, they must choose to search for a Ranked Battle enemy. Once one is found, they are shown the enemy and the rulesets. Time can be taken at this phase if the player wishes to do valuable research on their enemy, but it can also be rushed straight through to the team-building page.

Building a Team

The rest of your countdown clock is used for this, the most important part of the Splinterlands battle. After a player submits their team, the battle is entirely out of their hands. They can simply watch the battle’s outcome at their leisure. If they are making the most of the filtering tools at the top of the drafting page, they should be able to build a team with time to spare.

Here is the beauty of it all. Once you have submitted your team, your work is completely done. That means that you can click back to the tab on which you are starting that important presentation or the other one on which you’re composing an email to your mom.


I have just described the minimum commitment that you can put into Splinterlands and still be battling. In most of my battles (I have battled about 17,000 times), I have submitted my team with still well over a minute left on the clock. That means that my average battle only takes about 1 minute of my time. It is only because of this smooth and quick gameplay that I have been able to battle so many times in just two years. And keep in mind that I spend the majority of my time not playing, but creating content for Splinterlands.

I can play Splinterlands anywhere that I can access the internet. The mobile browser version at and the Android app make it easy to play on the go, and the quick, drafting gameplay allows me to squeeze it in between virtually any other activity, including work.


A Nice Change

Just like our founders, I have always loved trading card games. I especially played Magic: the Gathering a lot when I was growing up. I still adore the complex, turn-by-turn gameplay of this type of TCG, but unfortunately as I got older, I could find less and less time for playing them. I think this is a common story. After all, we don’t all have a gang of after-school friends waiting to play with for hours anymore, do we? Honestly, with all the pressures of today’s society, we’re lucky to find thirty scattered minutes for gaming throughout the day.

Isn’t it nice to know that with Splinterlands, there will always be an opponent waiting for you for a quick little battle? You can take a 5-minute mental break and experience all the excitement and suspense, the joys, heartbreaks and glories of a well-crafted strategy game. Then you can leave the game, and whenever you’re ready to do it again, Splinterlands is here waiting.


See you on the battlefield!

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Chris Roberts
Chris Roberts

Content Director for Splinterlands


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