Polish Your Bronze - The Great Gala Gala is Nearly Upon Us! FREE TOURNAMENT!

By Chris Roberts | Splinterlands | 28 Dec 2020

With the end of 2020 nearly at hand and bitcoin sitting at an all-time record high, it's time for a FREE Splinterlands tournament event that you won't soon forget!

Watch the video below and get PSYCHED!!!


Gala Games and Splinterlands have teamed up with Theta.TV to bring you the Great Gala Gala: An Epic Battle in the Splinterlands!


The free-to-enter event will consist of two separate tournaments, each packed with extraordinary prizes from Gala Games. In UTC time, both tournaments are on the 31st of December, but be wary and check your local time zones, for tournament times will vary greatly depending on where you live. 

EVENT 1 - 5am UTC on December 31st

EVENT 2 - 8pm UTC on December 31st

1st Place Prize - Mirandus Outpost



Only 200 of these Outposts are being sold for Mirandus, and they carry a hefty price tag of just over 2 million GALA, which is equivalent to about $500. There is no telling when these fortified buildings will sell out, nor what their value will be once the highly anticipated Mirandus game is released.

2nd - 3rd Prizes - Townstar Cranebots


For 2nd and 3rd place prizes for each tournament, completed Cranebots will be awarded. Each is valued at approximately $300, but assembling one after collecting all the parts is an impressive Townstar feat all on its own.


Cranebots are typically built from scratch little by little, requiring all the above parts for a completed one. Once completed, a Cranebot does your Townstar building nearly three times as fast as the standard Builder.


4th Place Prize - Mirandus Homestead

The Mirandus Homestead is one of the cheapest ways to own land in the upcoming MMORPG. There are currently only 245 of the 1000 total remaining, and picking up one of these today will set you back about $100.


Additional Prizes!

In addition to the above large prizes from Townstar and Mirandus, smaller amounts of GALA will be won by those who place 5th-16th in each of the two tournaments.

Splinterlands will sweeten the prizes even more by throwing in hundreds of dollars worth of Legendary Summoners, Booster Packs, Land Plot Claims and more! Most of the Splinterlands prizes will be available in the main Discord channel that hosts the event, or through one of the Theta.TV live play-by-play streams. Prizes and incentives will also be offered to those who share the event on outside social media platforms, so stay tuned for updates on the proof-of-share methods that we will employ!


HOW TO JOIN (it's free!)

All players in the Great Gala Gala must have the following:

1. A Splinterlands account - (the game we'll be playing. Duh)
2. A Gala Games account - (So you can win prizes.)
3. A Challonge account - (Where brackets will be hosted.)
4. A Discord account - (Where the tournament will be managed.)

Once you have all these accounts, fill out THIS GOOGLE FORM!

(players may play in both tournaments if they choose)

You will find all necessary rules, terms and restrictions on the 'RULES' page at the above Challonge link.

During the tournament, players will need to be available 100% of the time. This is not a when you get around to it kind of thing. We will adhere to time limits and specified rules, and this type of Crawl tournament is designed to be a focused experience that should last for at least two hours. We expect your attention and availability. Don't keep us waiting or you may get cut.

See you at the Gala Gala!


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