Next Untamed Airdrop Coming Soon!

By Chris Roberts | Splinterlands | 6 May 2021

As we enter the home stretch of pack sales for the 1.5 million booster supply of the Untamed set of Splinterlands cards, booster pack sales have been picking up. Even though we completed the last Untamed airdrop only a few weeks ago, it's already almost time for the next one!

Just over 11,000 Booster Packs to go before the triggering of airdrop 12, after which only the final 2 airdrops will remain before the Untamed set is Splinterlands history!

About Splinterlands Airdrops

Airdrops are an added incentive to purchasing Splinterlands Booster Packs that rewards players with select bonus cards based on how many Booster Packs they have purchased in the life of the set. Each new airdrop card is dropped to players who have purchased Untamed Booster Packs throughout the life of the set! You'll find the details on how these airdrops work in THIS PREVIOUS POST.

After the airdrop, all unopened Booster Packs will have a chance of containing the airdrop card. Get ready!


Lobstradamus is an Epic card in the Water Splinter, so the chances of picking one up is about 1 in every 75 packs. As usual with Untamed airdrops, players are guaranteed to receive at least 1 Lobstradamus for every 75 Untamed Booster Packs purchased. Additionally, approximately 1 in 50 of those dropped will be Gold Foil variants!

This shielded Magic tank will be a great addition to the Water Splinter, where we think he'll fit right in. Not only is Lobstradamus one tough lobster, but he's got a heroic and heartbreaking story that you can read below.

Lobstradamus Lore

Beneath the waves north of ΛZMΛRÉ’s Dark Water, there is a massive reef that hangs over the edge of the abyss. The reef is called Vedric’s Lean, named for the way it seems to be poised for evermore on the edge of a destructive fall. The Lean is home to multitudes of creatures; some are hunters and others are hunted. Within the reef there are many caves, some of which contain incredibly large open spaces. It is in one of these caves that Lobstradamus, great champion of the Nephromagus, founded his underwater school, the Lobstermage Academy. With a curriculum full of divination and prescience education, the Academy is the most prestigious of the underwater schools, and it will undoubtedly play a large part in the looming chaos wars that Lobstradamus can sense somewhere beyond the Outer Ocean.

How did the lone Splinterlands survivor of the Nephromagus find himself the administrator of a school of magic? Years ago there was a great moment of peril that surrounded the Water Splinter, and none of its inhabitants knew how close they came to extinction. At that time the Nephromagus were a proud and prolific race of giant lobsters who made their homes in the midshallows and among the reefs all around ΛZMΛRÉ. They were skilled in many magical disciplines, but foremost among those were their talents for predicting future events. The champion Labstradamus was the greatest predictor among them. It is through his magic that the Nephromagus knew what was coming, and they were the Splinterlands’ only hope against an unseen onslaught that would consume the entire world.

The enemy was a collective deep water force of doom known as leechwash. The massive cloud of dire leeches thought and moved as one, creeping through the Outer Ocean. When it found land, leechwash would approach from all sides and emerge from the water to quickly engulf and absorb every drop of life energy from entire continents. While in deep meditation one day in his ancestors’ temple of stone, Lobstradamus saw them coming and in a moment outside of time, he knew what had to be done.

In a deep prescient trance, Lobstradamus reached out with his powerful mind to every coral polyp in the land. After making a connection with these creatures that comprised the very ground on which the Nephromagus lived, he expressed to the coral consciousness the coming danger and implored their help. Without hesitation, the coral began to move as a massive unit, uprooting itself from the ocean floor and breaking into eight equal pieces.

The beautiful world of the Nephromagus was torn apart that day and the geography of ΛZMΛRÉ was changed forever, but the magic of Lobstradamus had worked. He alone was left behind as the coral homes of his people floated off into the wild Outer Ocean in eight large pieces. The attacking leechwash, having never seen moving reefs before, did not know which piece of broken reef to engulf. It divided its force, and eight smaller leech clouds followed eight sailing masses of coral into the outers, leaving the Splinterlands in safety.

Lobstradamus was alone but victorious. His world was safe, but he had made his people into castaways and would never see them again. He emerged from the ancestral temple beneath ΛZMΛRÉ to the Inner Sea and found a reef that reminded him of his lost home. In the years that followed, Lobstradamus built and opened a school of divination in Vedric’s Lean, training the most gifted Splinterlands minds to see what was coming before tragedy strikes. Now as he approaches the age of 100, Lobstradamus hopes that he has done enough in six decades as headmaster to prepare the diviners of the Splinterlands for the fight of their lives.

Best of Luck on the Airdrop!


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See you on the battlefield!

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