ΛZMΛRÉ Dice Bring 20 Brand New Cards to Splinterlands - Release Wednesday 8/26

By Chris Roberts | Splinterlands | 21 Aug 2020

The great explorer Jyitu Burudo is on his way back from his final expedition to the secret mana well at the bottom of the Splintral Sea. When he arrives, he has stated his intention to set up shop and sell the ΛZMΛRÉ Dice he has recovered from there. The seers predict that the power of the dice will be unleashed on Wednesday, August 26th, 2020 at around 1 PM ET / 5 PM GMT.

Those adventurers brave enough to roll the dice should familiarize themselves with the information Jyitu has provided in his recent exploration report.

While he has been away, the Wizards' Council has been analyzing the dark energy signatures emanating from the areas in the Splintral Sea believed to be where the ΛZMΛRÉ Dice were found. They have just recently been able to deduce from those signatures some of the ancient and powerful Monster and Summoner essences contained in the Dice, and are starting to reveal more each day so that the inhabitants of the Splinterlands can prepare for what is to come!


Anumun (Earth Splinter)

The Wizards' Council was first able to identify the dark energy signature that matched that of Anumün - the Earth Splinter - as well as one Neutral Monster essence...

Mylor Crowling


Mylor Crowling is a new 3-mana Earth Splinter Summoner who grants the Thorns ability to all friendly monsters. Look out for him in Up Close & Personal or Melee Mayhem battles!

Although the Magi of the Forest hates to admit it, Mylor is the most gifted student who has attended Summoners’ Green in decades. In his hundreds of years, the Magi has taught many students whose ambition exceeded reason and morality. When he looks into Mylor’s eyes, the Magi still sees a power-greedy child. Against the headmaster’s wishes, Mylor responded to a Gloridax invitation to Mount Mox and now summons competitively in the tournaments. His style is wild and reckless and he laughs while summoning, like it is all a big game.

Goblin Dartling


The Goblin Dartling may be small, but he's quick and his high powered dart gun will Shatter his enemies' armor and does double damage to Stunned targets with the Knock Out ability at max level. At only 2 mana he should be a great choice for many low mana Earth Splinter teams.

For such light and simple-looking devices, it is a wonder how hard these little guns shoot their darts. The small-framed Goblins of Gobson are never quite prepared for the recoil of the dart guns, often being knocked off their feet as they fire. Perhaps they ought to call them dart cannons, but then what would they call the much larger dart cannon that is still in its final engineering stages?

Oaken Behemoth


Despite being a Behemoth, the Oaken Behemoth is actually surprisingly nimble and versatile. It has both a Melee and Magic attack, can use its Melee attack from the second position with the Reach ability, Knocks Out Stunned targets, can Dodge attacks, and Trample over his enemies.

Additionally, he has a special type of "Void Armor" which can even block Magic attacks! Magic attacks will hit the Oaken Behemoth's armor just like Ranged and Melee attacks would, and won't carry through to its Health (unless the attacker has Piercing, of course).

Many years ago on the banks of the River of Power, a huge boar was entangled with a Dark Eternal Warlock in a fight whose stakes were greater than life itself. The Warlock was attempting to harvest the beast's soul, but this giant boar would not be taken without a fight. Every blast of dark magic from the Warlock only drove the beast into a greater frenzy. With a mighty charge, the boar rammed an old oak tree that sat near the river's edge. The tree fell, then rolled toward the Warlock and the beast, forcing them both into the rushing waters of the River of Power. They disappeared under the foam.

Several weeks later in a magical lightning storm, the kind that only hits Anumün once a generation, the Oaken Behemoth crawled out of the River of Power. Its every muscle and sinew are like an oak tree and it stands taller and stronger than any other beast in the western forest. It strides the woods near the river, protecting the waters from those not worthy of the power within.

Battering Ram


The Battering Ram waits patiently for the right Opportunity to attack the enemy Monster with the lowest Health. If its target has any armor, his horn Shatters it into pieces leaving the enemy's Health vulnerable to future attacks!

Battering Rams are the most ruthless of the charging beasts; they can be found in almost every Splinter. They are not very large or incredibly powerful, but they attack with the fury of much greater monsters. Because of the way the rams’ horns converge into a thick plate of bone, they are able to barrel into anything at full speed repeatedly without concussing themselves. Battering Rams are especially notorious for targeting the weakest or the slowest prey, then relentlessly pummeling them until they stop getting up.


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