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By Chris Roberts | Splinterlands | 20 Sep 2020

Welcome warriors one and all, to the Gold Foil Press!

We hope the battlefields, tournaments and Loot Chests have been kind to you!

The Gold Foil Press is Splinterlands' brand new email publication, which will go out every 2 weeks to our entire email list. We will include the most important news, updates, stories and statistics from all around the Splinterlands. 

There are many exciting new partnerships, collaborations and projects that we at Splinterlands are eager to announce. To get all the details, be sure to subscribe to our email list. 

On to the Gold Foil Press!



Check out the brand new mini-set of cards shaking up the meta in the Splinterlands - ΛZMΛRÉ Dice. Each Dice pack contains 5 random cards from the ΛZMΛRÉ Dice set which consists of 20 new cards, including 6 new Summoners and 3 new abilities! On top of that, for every 50,000 Dice packs purchased Splinterlands will add a new Legendary card to the set, and players will have a chance of getting an airdrop of the new card for each Dice pack purchased!

The first 50,000 packs have already sold out, but if you hurry you can still buy Dice packs eligible for the next four Legendary airdrops! Dice packs can ONLY be purchased with the Splinterlands in-game cryptocurrency token, Dark Energy Crystals (DEC), so be sure to pick up some of those on Hive EngineSteem Engine, or TronTrade.


The Lensmaster was the first ΛZMΛRÉ Dice airdrop card released after the first 50,000 Dice packs were sold. Well over 100M DEC tokens were burned purchasing Dice packs, and every pack purchased had a chance of receiving a free airdrop of the Legendary Lensmaster card. For more details about this brand new Legendary card, visit THIS POST from the Splinterlands blog.

New Login and Payment Options

You can login to Splinterlands with the wallet of your choice, including The WAX Cloud Wallet and Metamask. With a recent update, you are now able to login using your EOS account keys using the Wombat Wallet App.

This is just one more exciting addition that allows Splinterlands players to bridge the gaps between blockchains and use the tools they already know! Find more details about this update and other exciting enhancements to the Splinterlands mobile browser version in THIS POST.

As always, we accept payment in many ways, including PayPal, Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), HIVE, WAX, EOS, BAT and more!


League Leaderboards

Splinterlands recently released separate leaderboards for each ranked play league with their own prize pools! Now, instead of being limited to Champion league, players in Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond leagues can compete to get to the top of their leaderboard each ranked play season and win Untamed edition booster packs!

What are you waiting for? Get in there and battle your way to the top and claim your prizes!


As Splinterlands continues to grow, we are always extremely grateful to those who have been a part of this journey. We appreciate your passion, your creative, competitive spirits and your kind hearts. A game is as great as its players, and we are confident and proud that our players are the greatest out there. See you on the battlefield.


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Chris Roberts
Chris Roberts

Content Director for Splinterlands


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