Gold Foil Press - Splinterlands' Email News - 11/16 Issue

By Chris Roberts | Splinterlands | 17 Nov 2020

Welcome back to the Gold Foil Press, the best source for official Splinterlands news and updates!

We hope that you have been blessed with vast quantities of Dark Energy Crystals, and many of your Loot Chests have held Gold Foil cards!


Land Presale Stage 2


Stage 1 of our Land Presale was a success, although unfortunately we cannot say it went off without a hitch. The good news is demand was high and we sold out in a mere 21 seconds! The second good news is that all problems caused by high traffic in the first stage will be solved in the 2nd stage!

A lottery system was used to decide who was able to purchase Regions (1000 Plots) in the 1st stage. Players were overwhelmingly satisfied with the way the 27,000 Lottery Plots were sold. As a result, all land available in the 2nd stage will be sold via a similar Lottery system.

The main reason for this update is to ensure that everyone who wants land has an equal chance at acquiring it, regardless of how much they are looking to spend.

Find the most recent update with the details of stage 2 at THIS POST on the Splinterlands blog.

Upcoming Sponsored Tourneys

Through our host-your-own-tournament system, we’re proud to offer a unique, low-cost way for leaders, influencers and marketers to engage and reward their communities. You can even host tournaments with custom prizes of your choice! Check out these awesome tourneys happening soon with some of our sponsors!

Synergy of Serra Grand Tournament


Synergy of Serra is hosting a Bronze tournament with a total prize pool of $1000 in value! $800 will be in the form of Crates from the Synergy of Serra Presale, and $200 in Dark Energy Crystals from Spliterlands. Register now, and be ready to battle on November 29th! Competition will be fierce!

Claim Your Land Tournament


This bronze tournament on November 21st is going to be EPIC! Hosted by Bitcoin Bro Kenn Bosak himself, the LIVE tournament will be manually run through Discord by our friends at Community Gaming. The prizes are insane… and the most incredible part is that every single prize winner also wins land. That’s the same land that you’re all scrapping for in our Presale. SIGN UP AT COMMUNITYGAMING!

We hope you enjoy this different style of Splinterlands tournament! Our anytime tournaments are designed to fit your schedule no matter what you’re up to, but these bracket-style Crawl tournaments are an experience entirely of their own. With live hosting, giveaways and prizes for participants and play-by-play Splinterlands action, you’ll hardly be able to wait for the next Crawl!

The Splinterlands Art Contest


Did you know that Splinterlands has run an official Art Contest every single week since the very beginning? Every week, 15 Booster Packs are given away to artists who create and submit beautiful Splinterlands art.

HERE is the most recent Art Contest - Week 110!

You’ll find an archive of all the past winners with links HERE at

DYGYCON - November 28th


We are excited to bring you the first DYGYCON event on November 28th, with monthly events to follow TBD. These events will take place in our virtual Expo, powered by

The November event will revolve around Live NFT Auctions, which will take place in the Expo’s Auction House. One by one, we will live auction some of the most scarce, some of the most popular, and some of the most sought after NFTs in the space.

Fill out THIS FORM if you are interested in booth space or other sponsorship opportunities (including listing NFTs in the Auction House) for what is destined to be one heck of a virtual party.

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We love to see new players, press and partnerships every day. We’re grateful and humbled by all the amazing support over the last couple years from our early adopters, and we can hardly wait to see what comes next. No matter what the future holds, we’ll all play in it together on a virtual battlefield in the Splinterlands.


See you on the battlefield!


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