Expansion of Splinterlands "Starter" Set of Cards

By Chris Roberts | Splinterlands | 9 Mar 2021

Splinterlands development has always been driven strongly by support and feedback from the community, our most valuable asset. We appreciate all the dedication with which players, collectors and investors approach the game, so their input is always valued, and implemented into the game whenever it is possible to make doing so a priority.

This update is an excellent example of community feedback put into action, and it will be an exciting one for all new players, making it easier for them to compete more quickly.

More Starter Cards!

When the Summoner's Spellbook is purchased and a HIVE account is created for a new user, they are given a Starter Set of cards with which to play the game so that no additional purchase is required to begin earning rewards. These cards are not actually owned by the players in the same way as other Splinterlands cards. While they can be played, they are not able to be transferred, meaning they cannot be sold. The community has come to refer to these as phantom or ghost cards. While rewards can be earned with them, they do not represent value in the player's account.

Until now, the cards that have been included in this Starter set have been a single BCX of each Common and Rare card from the current set, Untamed. When the update takes effect, a single BCX version of every Common and Rare card from the Beta set will also be included, which will essentially double the number of cards that new players get to start with.

Once the Untamed Edition has sold out in approximately 500k more packs, the Starter cards will shift from Beta+Untamed -> Untamed+Chaos Legion, so no matter when they join the game, new players will have more cards to play and learn with!

Many new players currently have little hope of being able to battle with cards like Cerberus, Water Elemental or Silvershield Paladin. Those are just three examples of extremely popular cards that have risen in value since the completion of the Beta sale, and now every new holder of a Summoner's Spellbook will be able to use them all. They will of course be able to rent these cards from other players, but this new approach of adding Beta cards to new player's ghost collection will give them lots of new options and advantages. The goal after all is to make Splinterlands more fun and more rewarding for new players, so they can quickly what the Splinterlands veterans already know: This game is a way of life.

You can find the full details of this update at the ORIGINAL ANNOUNCEMENT POST on the Splinterlands HIVE Blog.

Updates Coming March 15th

This update, along with several others including new rulesets and new Daily Quests will be going live on Monday, March 15th, after the weekend's DYGYCON conference event powered by Gamerjibe Social. You can read all about all these announcements from the official Splinterlands HIVE blog in THIS ANNOUNCEMENT, along with an up-to-date Splinterlands roadmap.

Tons of exciting things are coming for Splinterlands, and 2021 is already promising to be a record-breaking year! Thanks to everyone who has supported us; we couldn't have done any of this without our loyal and dedicated community of players, collectors and investors. We look forward to the rest of a rewarding year for the entire Splinterlands ecosystem as we approach our 3rd anniversary in May!


Don't miss DYGYCON on March 13th in our Digital Expo hall powered by Gamerjibe Social!


See you on the battlefield!

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Chris Roberts
Chris Roberts

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