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By Chris Roberts | Splinterlands | 10 Jun 2021

There is always a lot going on in the blockchain space, as people in these parts like to work hard and move quickly.  All the new developing games, each new hot set of collectibles and every limited supply NFT release that promises to be more exciting than the last is doing a great job of pulling our attention in new directions. If you're not careful, it can become easy to miss big things happening around well-established projects like Splinterlands. 

Big things are happening around Splinterlands. Here's your chance to catch up and see what all the buzz is about.

Land Sellout

Just yesterday on the morning of June 9th, the Praetorian land sale wrapped up when the final land plot claims of the total 150,000 sold out. While many people waited on land for the last few months throughout much of the primary sale, the last 30k Plots went very quickly, gaining momentum like a snowball rolling down a hill.


The initial discounted land presale began in November of last year, with the first stage selling out in a record 21 seconds. The second and third stages of presale (with smaller discounts) took a bit longer to sell, and at the beginning of 2021, the remainder of Plots became available at the retail price of $20 per Plot.

With the recent reveal of Splinterlands' plans for release of an upcoming governance token called Splintershards (described below in greater detail), there came a flood of new interest to the game, not only from new players but investors and partners as well. From there it was only a matter of time before the land sale's imminent sellout, but not many members of the community expected such sudden and enthusiastic participation right at the end.

Land can still be found on the secondary markets at Hive-Engine (Hive) and Atomic Hub (WAX).

Gold Foil Press - Land Sells Out
PRESS RELEASE - Leading Blockchain Game Splinterlands Completes Digital Land Sale of 150,000 Plots
Details of Splinterlands Upcoming Land Expansion

Untamed is Nearing the End


The Untamed Edition of Splinterlands cards is almost finished with its print run and sale. With an original supply of 1.5 million $2 5-card booster packs, this edition has been the only set that the majority of current Splinterlands players have known to be sold in the shop. As I write this, there are 10,414 packs remaining. While this may seem like a substantial number, they have been selling at a frequency of nearly 1000 per hour over the last few days, especially with so much new attention being paid to the land sale and SPS.

Of course no one can predict when the final packs will sell, but there is a chance they will not last through the weekend. Some players are scrambling to fill out their collections with cards that have not yet been leveled up to their preferred League of play, while other collectors are buying packs and holding them in hopes that as they become more scarce, the secondary market price may increase. Even unopened packs will count as eligible for greater SPS rewards once daily airdrops of the new token begin in July.

In addition to being sold in the Splinterlands shop when available, unopened packs are traded on two secondary markets: Hive-Engine (Hive) and Atomic Hub (WAX). Those are the markets to watch for Splinterlands packs once the sale of Untamed is complete.

Splintershards - A Major Game Changer


Throughout March, April and most of May, Splintershards were a secret, referred to by the company roadmap as "major new thing we haven't announced yet." Once the founders solidified and polished the plan, two weeks ago the full vision for Splintershards (SPS) was finally released. This governance token will play many roles in the game, including the ability for  every player to contribute to a decentralized autonomous organization built on Binance Smart Chain. This DAO will be funded through the SPS token and will give players the opportunity to submit proposals and vote on important decisions for the ecosystem.

The SPS WHITEPAPER has been met with overwhelmingly positive support from the Splinterlands community, and while not everyone can grasp at a quick glance just how beneficial this token will be for the game, everyone can tell that it's a game changer.


One of the most exciting aspects of the upcoming SPS token for the Splinterlands community is the airdrop. Unlike a typical airdrop that requires users to meet a requirement or hold a minimum amount of a token, the SPS airdrop will reward everyone who holds any Splinterlands assets on a daily basis. 13.33% of the total supply of the SPS token will be distributed exclusively as airdropped rewards to players and collectors. Each asset in each player's collection is assigned an airdrop point value, and when added together, airdrop points represent the portion of the total SPS allocation for that day. Airdrops will take place every day for the first year of the 65-month planned release of Splintershards.


More information on the Airdrop


SPS tokens will be able to be staked for greater rewards. There will be exclusive tournaments, special promotions, discount offers and more for those with staked tokens. Additionally, players will be able to stake their tokens on other players, as a way of backing the most skilled and undervalued players for a chance to share in even greater rewards. In total over 65 months, 30% of the total supply of SPS tokens is reserved for rewards for staking, LP and Oracles.


More information on Staking and Earning

Private Sale

The 6.6% private token sale portion of the supply is another reason to be excited about Splintershards and Splinterlands as a whole. This sale gives new partners a chance to support the project by purchasing tokens. Some of those who have invested in the private sale have already been announced, and they will all be revealed over the coming weeks and months. By owning SPS, these new partners will share our mission of bringing new users and new worldwide attention to the game. We are already seeing the results of these new partnerships, and we are only just beginning.

Please read the Splintershards Whitepaper for all details on the SPS token release.


See you on the battlefield!

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