11th Splinterlands Untamed Airdrop Just Around the Corner!

By Chris Roberts | Splinterlands | 11 Apr 2021

Time flies in the Splinterlands, especially when you spend your time battling, cracking packs and looking forward to the next Untamed airdrop!

For every 100,000 Untamed Splinterlands Booster Packs sold, a brand new card is airdropped to players who have purchased Untamed packs since the set began! Of the 1.5 million total packs in the set, just over 400,000 now remain, meaning that there are just 4 more airdrop cards to be released into the Untamed set via airdrop.

As this is being written, only approximately 7000 Booster Packs remain to be sold for the next airdrop to be released, and Splinterlands has just announced the card...

Introducing the Goblin Firemage!


Magic attackers have always been quite rare in the Fire Splinter , and this low-mana Epic sorcerer will make an excellent and useful addition to anyone's Fire collection. The native ability of Dispel removes all positive status effects from every card it hits. With a Magic attack that can't miss, this ability will be truly powerful. Additionally at level 5, the Firemage gains the Blind ability, which reduces the hit percentage of every enemy Melee and range attacker.

Airdrop Details


In the usual fashion of the Untamed airdrop, cards will be dropped to players who have purchased any number of Untamed Booster Packs through the entire life of the Untamed set. The card is Epic, so the number of Firemages earned by each player will be based on the rarity drop chances of Epic cards.

The average chances of finding a Goblin Firemage is 1 in 70 packs, or 1.429%. As a usual added bonus with these airdrops, players will be guaranteed at least 1 Goblin Firemage for every 70 Untamed packs they have purchased. Even those who have purchased only a single Booster Pack will have a 1.429% chance of receiving a Firemage from the airdrop!

Following the airdrop, the Goblin Firemage will be found in the remaining 400,000 Untamed Booster Packs with normal chances. And of course, all Booster Packs purchased from will continue to count toward the 3 final airdrops as we prepare to finish the print run of the Untamed set!

Goblin Firemage Lore

The rugged goblins of the Burning Lands have embraced many types of craft and skill that are outside the awareness of their cousins in Anumün, including the conjuring arts. The majority of these fire goblins live in the vast northern region known as the Smoldering Forest, along with 90% of the continent's vegetation. There are entire societies of goblins there that never leave the shelter of the forests, creating everything they need to survive using the delicate but chaotic combination of growth and fire. One of these large groups calls themselves the Viridi - "that which continues to grow." The Viridi have masterful sciences and industries of their own, about which the Anumün goblins of Gobson know nothing. Their people thrive in peace, reach for intellectual greatness and expand the limits of what is possible.

One of the most esteemed and mysterious positions among the Viridi is that of Firemage. Over their intensive twenty year studies, these mages learn to extract the greatest quantities of fire mana for their spells from deep within the Planet while expending only a small amount of energy. Within the Viridi, their magic is used to power engines, maintain perpetual furnaces, even to prolong goblin life and comfort the sick. They are also the only members of the Viridi that venture beyond the boundaries of the Smoldering Forest and explore the Splinterlands. Several years ago, a small group of Goblin Firemages was discovered by a Torch scout party defending themselves in the Ashlands against a band of wild trolls. The scouts watched as the Firemages vaporized all five of the towering trolls without breaking a sweat. Now Firemages are considered some of the deadliest warriors in the Burning Lands.

Best of Luck on the Airdrop!


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See you on the battlefield!

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