After Last Season of Splinterlands - Diamond I

By chorock | Splinterlands Stories | 31 Dec 2020

I completed last season of Steemmonsters in Diamond I League. I completed the season for 86th. After last season I had 60 reward cards. These are the cards. They could be better. I couldnt get any legendary cards. I have only 482,465 Power and So I could complete the season in Champion I League.

Here is my rewards after last season.

- Total reward Cards Total Value: $ 0.594
- Cards Burn Value: 415 DEC
- I got also 414 DEC
- 9 Legendary Potion
- 7 Alchemy Potion
- 1 Untamed Booster Pack




Splinterlands is one of my favourated game in Hive Blockchain!

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Splinterlands Stories
Splinterlands Stories

Splinterlands is a decentralized trading card game where players can earn crypto currency every day from battles, tournaments and daily quests.

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