Splinterlands Blog#6 Daily focus chest rewards claiming

Hello guys! Welcome to my new blog about Splinterlands.


12 days before the current season ends and after 2 days of playing in this account I finally got back to bronze 1

so for this blog I'm going to share my daily focus chest claiming.



I tried to play in the wild format on this account this season and I'm playing in the modern format on my other accounts.

my focus quest is stealth when I'm using  cards with the sneak ability I will get the rewards points bonus when winning battles in rank match , after a few hours of playing I have accumulated 14 chest that I can get after the daily focus timer ended.






this is the content of the bronze chest in my daily focus.

Name of the card          Element       Rarity             Quantity

Pelacor Bandit               Water           Common            1

Pelacor Conjurer            Life              Common            1

Ever-Hungry Skull          Death          Common            1

Uraeus                           Neutral        Epic                     1

Venari Bonesmith          Death           Rare                    1

Dhampir Infiltrator        Dragon         Rare                    1


Legendary Potion Charge(s)                 1

Alchemy Potion Charge(s)                    3

Merits                                                   5 

Dark Energy Crystals(DEC)                   37


I will send the rewards cards to my main account , when I get good rewards like this Uraeus epic neutral card that I got in chest is I'm including this to my rented out cards pool because even if its only 1 BCX , it's still it's an epic card that 100 collection power.


this content is for educational and purpose only , do your own research before investing in the game or  crypto related projects and always remember don't invest that you can't afford to lose.


that's it for this blog I hope you like it , if you like my content please support , have a good day and see you for my next blog :)



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Splinterlands Daily Focus
Splinterlands Daily Focus

In this blog Im gonna share my daily focus rewards

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