Splinterlands Blog #4 - Daily Focus reward claiming

Hi guys! Welcome to my Splinterlands blog and I'm here to share my daily focus chest reward claiming.


I play this daily focus in modern format 2 days before the current season ends , my daily focus is water element , when I use water cards in battle I get the rewards points bonus for every win and still earn reward points for every win even if I use another element cards  , I manage to get 15 bronze chest from playing.



When I claim and open all the 15 bronze chest this are the contents of the chest.




Name of card                      Element              Rarity

Pelacor Bandit                     Water                  Common  -  2

Pelacor Conjurer                 Life                      Common  -  1

Ever-Hungry Skull               Death                  Common  -  1

Venari Heatsmith                 Fire                     Common  -  1


Legendary Potion Charge(s)   -  2

Merits  -  5

Dark Energy Crystals (DEC)  -  124

after I claim the chest rewards I send the rewards cards in my main account and buy some chaos legion common cards with the DEC I got from the chest and the DEC I earn from winning battles when I'm playing for the daily focus.




these are the Chaos legion common cards I bought.

Name of card                  Element      

Kulu Swimhunter            Water          -   2

Crypt Beetle                    Death          -   1

after I bought them , I send them also in my main account , I'm collecting them for now to combine them later and play in higher leagues or rent them out.

So that's all for this blog , I hope you like reading my content , have a good day and thank you for reading

See you in my next blog :)

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Splinterlands Daily Focus
Splinterlands Daily Focus

In this blog Im gonna share my daily focus rewards

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