Splinterlands Blog #3 - Daily Focus reward claiming

Hi guys! Welcome to my blog I'm back for another Splinterlands content , This game is so awesome , fun and reward you just for playing a video game.

so for this blog I'm gonna share my daily focus reward claiming in bronze rank.




I play this in modern format 4 days before the season ends and I manage to accumulate 15 bronze chest.







This are the contents of the chest

Name of the card           Element                    Rarity

Pelacor Mercenary          Earth                         Common      -  1

Venari Bonesmith           Death                        Rare              -  1

Vampire  Bat                   Earth                         Common       -  1

Venari Heatsmith            Fire                            Common      -  2

Blood Maker                   Fire                            Common      -  1                                                                                                          

Alchemy Potion Charge(s)        -  2

Legendary Potion Charges(s)    - 2

Merits  - 11

Dark Energy Crystals(DEC)  - 9

I did not get a big amount of DEC in the chest for this daily focus but when I get rewards cards I send them to my main account and collecting them so I can level them up and rent them out so they can generate another passive income like sps staking and liquidity pools that is another of my strategy.

so that's all for this blog I hope you like it , have a good day and thank you for reading. :)

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Splinterlands Daily Focus
Splinterlands Daily Focus

In this blog Im gonna share my daily focus rewards

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