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Splinterlands | Strategy concepts | Scouting

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In this article I'm going to cover "scouting", this will often give you an edge in battle. Especially in the lower leagues I'm pretty sure not too many players are using this information to their advantage.

The basics

Long story short, scouting means looking at your opponents last battles in order to gain information. If your opponent played the exact same lineup the last 5 games, chances are pretty high you are going to face the same lineup as well, this information is all you need to create the perfect response.

If you have no idea where to find this information, it's only one hover away.

scouting 1.png

On this screen you can already see which splinter your opponent used in the last 5 games. This information is already pretty useful. However, once you hover over the splinter icon's you can actually see the exact lineup in these games.


How is this useful?

Gaining information on what your opponent usually plays is definitely useful, but how do you really take advantage?

Let's start with a very clear example, say your opponent always uses a lot of magic reflect or magic resist monsters and you are planning on using a full magic strategy, well, you should probably reconsider.

If you see that your opponent very rarely uses magic monsters, monsters with the shield ability all of a sudden look really strong.

If you see that the other player often uses sneak monsters, you might surprise him with a backline tank.

There are so many ways how this information could help you, however, if your opponent plays a lot of different strategies, it's harder to predict what lineup you will face... So scouting isn't always that useful, but use this consistently and you should be able to increase your win percentage!

Prepare against scouting

If you can use this strategy against someone, it can also be used against you! In the lower leagues, not too many people actually look at the other player's battle history, but in higher leagues this will happen more and more. Therefore, it's good to keep in mind that using the same lineup over and over again comes with a weakness. Other players might be more confident in facing you with a lineup that perfectly counters yours... Just something to remember.

Taking it even further

So, the in game user interface already gives you quite a bit of information that you can use for your advantage, but you can even take it further than that. Peakmonsters has a user interface where you can see all the battles of a certain player.

battle history.png

Just go to, click on your profile picture, then click on "my battlechain". From here you can click on your own name and replace this with your opponent's name, that's it!

Okay, so this mind sound a bit over the top, and it is. However, in an important brawl battle or an event's finale, you might want to go the extra mile. If you scout your opponent like this, you can check how they respond on certain battle rules, this information can be extremely useful from time to time!

Also, in a brawl or an event you can scout your opponent before starting the battle, so you have all the time in the world to go through your opponent's battle history.


Scouting is one of many concepts that can help you with getting more wins in splinterlands. It won't always be useful, but doing this consistently (even if it's very quick) should give you an edge in battle.

Only one exception, if you see that you are fighting a summoner with the name "freeztag", don't use this strategy, just select a furious chicken and click on the "battle" button.

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