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After getting a 20 win streak in guild brawls I thought it might be a good time to share a post like this (okay, that's enough bragging for today).

Let me start by saying that being good in splinterlands strategy in general will obviously be very important. If you are doing terrible in regular ranked games, you might want to focus on general strategy first before working on your brawl skills (I have plenty of guides on my blog and you can find plenty of resources on Hive, Publish0x, discord strategy chat, etc).

That said, there are some specific things to keep in mind when playing in guild brawls because there are a couple really important differences.


1. Scout your opponent


I have talked about the power of scouting many times before and it's crucial if you want to optimize your strategy.

That said, the battle screen of a brawl battle looks a bit different than the battle screen of a ranked battle.

In a ranked battle you can instantly see a preview of your opponent's last 5 battles. This is not the case in a brawl battle. However, there is a little trick you can do to still get the information that you need.

You can either open a new (incognito) tab and type in the players name on the battle history page or you can look him up on peakmonsters. You can only do this after you start the battle because otherwise you won't actually know who you will be facing. This means that you have limited time to actually scout your opponent. Also, finding your opponents brawl battles fast might be difficult, but you can still get a sense of what he likes to play by simply looking at his last 5 games or so.

Once you know what he likes to play, you can try to counter his strategy.

However, as I said, you have to be careful with your time. If you find that you struggle with getting your battles in within the time limit you might want to skip this tip for now.


2. Use your Gladius cards wisely


I think one of the key factors of being good in brawls is to use your gladius cards wisely. In fact, in most situations I think it's better to build a lineup around your gladius card than to add a random gladius card with your leftover mana.

In the more competitive games where both players have a good strategy, it often comes down to who gets the most use out of the bloodlust ability. These cards can get really strong, but you have to position them correctly and do everything you can to optimize their chances of getting really big because of the bloodlust.


3. Be careful with low health monsters


You should be careful with using low health creatures because this can feed the bloodlust monsters of your enemy.

In ranked games, there is no problem with throwing in a fiend and a chicken as long as you have free space in the lineup. However, in brawls, this becomes a bit more complicated. If you lineup consists of a lot of low health creatures, the chances increase that your enemy will be able to make more use of his bloodlust ability. Does this mean that you should never include fiends and/or chickens? I'm not sure yet, for now it still seems to work fine for me, but as I will start to face stronger opponents I might rethink my strategy. It's something to keep in mind at least!


4. Barracks - communicate with your guild


The barracks can give many strategic benefits, it's important to discuss with your guild what card you want to banish for example. Also, it's important to discuss when you want to upgrade the barracks. For example, being able to use gladius cards in brawl is extremely useful, so I would recommend to get the barracks to level 2 asap.

After that, it's okay to slow down a bit, but keep in mind that upgrading the barracks will give you more strategic benefits. You might need these if you start facing other competitive guilds.

Communication is key!


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