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Splinterlands | How much do brawls earn you?

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Not too long ago brawls 2.0 were released and even though all these changes looked really cool I immediately thought about the financial aspect aswell.

What do we earn from brawls?


Basically, we need to dump a lot of DEC into those buildings but what exactly are we getting in return? Sure we get Merits and Crowns, but these are not tradeable or anything and they don't hold any direct value.

At first I thought that spending money on barracks, arena and store would maybe increase the fun-part of the game, but it would not be a financially good decision.

However, ofcourse we do get valuable things from brawling because we can use merits to buy gladius cases. Gladius cases give cards that are only useable in brawls and cannot be traded on the market. However --and this is the most important part-- they do increase your total power.

The value of Gladius cards


So we have established that the real value of Gladius cards lies in the power that they add to your account.

Sure, you can simply burn these cards for DEC too, but they hold more value if you just use them for their power. Also, using them in brawls can give you a nice benefit, which means you have better chances at winning more merits, which in turn will give you more cards and therefore more power... You get the idea.

If you would simply want to improve your power you would otherwise need to buy or rent cards whereas now, you might have enough from what your gladius cards give you. Or this could allow you to rent out some of your other cards. That's the real value of Gladius cards.

So in order to know the exact worth, we would have to put a price on power. This cannot be done in a completely fair way because you would be getting better deals if you make a very expensive purchase (like a legendary gold foil etc.), but I'll just look at gold rare's to give you an idea.

We would say that every 1000 power costs you around $35.

How much does a single brawl earn


After some quick maths I figured that an average pack (if u use both potions - actually called blood stones and power stones) gains u 574 power. Note that the average and the median are very different things here, so don't feel bad if you feel like u always get a lot less than that.

If you don't use potions, the average pack would give you 321.75 power. Let's continue with that number and forget about potions for now. With all that info we come to the conclusion that every gladius case is worth around $10. Which is actually a lot more than I would have thought, but keep in mind that the very low chances of getting a gold foiled legendary etc. really up the price of the average pack by a lot. The median would be a lot lower.

So, now we only have to figure out how many brawls it takes before you can afford a gladius case. I will simply look at my last brawl were we did somewhat average and received 700 merits (we have a 20% bonus because our store is level 2, keep that in mind). Then for the sake of simplicity lets say that you would have to play 3 brawls on average to get 2000 merits (= the price of a gladius case).

So, in conclusion, you would earn around $3 - $3.5 dollars per brawl that you fully contribute in!

The rewards do end up being pretty nice, but ofcourse getting all your buildings levelled is really expensive aswell.


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