My first thoughts on Skyweaver | Is it worth playing?



The gameplay

Long story short, the game seems like fun and it looks good.


It's fun, but as with most of these games it takes a while to really get into it.

The gameplay is similar to gods unchained or hearthstone, but it does have some unique aspects to it.

For example, your hero is a playable character that stand on the board just like any other card. Cards (units) have their own abilities that you can trigger if you are willing to spend the mana, etc.

I feel like it might even be more strategical because there is more going on. However, as a complete beginner I'm not really in a place to judge that right now.

Overall, I liked the first experience, but it is pretty time-consuming.



One of the different things is that you can only earn when you end in the top 250 of a specific rank (or if you compete in conquests, which cost money to enter).
When I realized this, I felt like I wasn't gonna earn anything anytime soon.
At the beginning I was really unhappy about this and highly preferred the rewarding system in splinterlands or Gods Unchained.

However, after a while I also realized that the lack of strategical challenges and not getting rewarded enough for skills is something that bothers me with splinterlands.
So I hate it and I like it at the same time. I would personally prefer a combination of the 2 reward systems: receive low(ish) amounts of crypto for playing/winning some games, but be highly rewarded if you are actually skilled at the game and get some amazing results.

I guess it's a bit demotivating for beginners right now.


Airdrop incoming


Yesterday the skyweaver team announced that there will be an airdrop in the form of crystals.
The cool thing is that if you join before 7/02/2022 and reach level 5 you will still be eligible for the airdrop.
The airdrop is basically a "crystal" and if you hold it, the color of your name changes in-game.

As the latest "tier" that is eligible, your crystal will be less rare and valuable than those who joined long time ago.
Nevertheless, it might one day be valuable.



If you want to learn more about the airdrop, I'll leave a link.

The problem is that you need a code in order to signup, otherwise you might put yourself on the waiting list, maybe you will still receive a code in time.

However, I do have 3 codes that I'm going to share here, I guess it's first come first serve, enjoy!




Even though I enjoyed my first experience, I have decided not to put too much time into it right now.
One of the main reasons is that the game is time-consuming and I simply can't play all the games out there.
Also, I feel like you need to put a lot of time into the game if you actually want to be competitive and earn some crypto.

However, I will keep it on my radar and possibly revisit it later.


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