Update for $Hoge

$Hoge is up to 40,170 hoglers 

If you have not bought into this great community of Hoglers, now may be time to do so while it's still below a penny. BigONE will list Hoge Finance at 10:00 Apr 16, 2021(UTC+8). 

Little info about our beloved Hoge courtesy of Hoge.finance

"Hoge is a deflationary cryptocurrency. Every time a transaction takes place with HOGE, 2% of that transaction is distributed and removed (i.e. "burned") from the total supply. This increases the scarcity of every HOGE coin in circulation. What this means is that every time HOGE is used, the value of the remaining HOGE tokens in circulation is increased by simultaneously decreasing the supply (deflation), while also distributing HOGE to everyone using the token. As a result of this, every single HOGE holder has an incentive to spread the use of HOGE as much as possible. As more transactions take place on the network, the individual net-worth of all who own a piece of the network increases as well."

I am currently up and holding around +850k tokens. WHEN this coin hits $1, wheew buddy I'll be sitting around a cool $1,000,000 in the bank. 

This is the way.


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