By Sp427 | Sp101 | 7 Feb 2021 Overview

  • 20 min rewards
  • BFG staking
  • BTC boxes
  • 1500+ games


20 Minute Rewards

Every 20 minutes, you can open a box for 0.00000005 btc. Although this does not sound like a lot, there is no betting minimum unlike sites such as This makes it easier for users to earn crypto faster.


BFG Staking

By betting crypto, you slowly gain BFG. Once you obtain 10 BFG, you start receiving daily dividends. In addition to this, you can also use your BFG to auction for BTC. This feature of BFG enables users to play more, as well as earn more profits while playing.

BTC Boxes:

In addition to the free BTC you obtain, you can also use the BTC you earn to purchase boxes. These boxes provide dividends similar to that of BFG, except at a higher value since you invested your BTC into it. 


1500+ Games

With 1500+ games, it is hard to choose. Personally, I find mines, stairs, and plinko most fun due to the simplicity and rewards. They offer this interesting feature called "Fast Mode" - which enables users to place bets more efficiently. You can gamble with: TRX, BTC, ETH, USDT, BTT, BFG, and SUN.




Easily one of the best, if not the best crypto gambling websites in the US. The unique BTC boxes as well as the strong BFG system make this website top tier. If you are interested in this site and have not played before, use this link


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