Solo's weekly picks: Forests

By Solominer | Solominer | 16 Jun 2020


When I get the opportunity to walk through a forest I try to never pass it down. Its great to see others on the Hive blockchain making use of nature trails near where they live. Some of these trails are for recreation, others are a way of life and connect towns together. Today I have some posts to share of forests in the UK, Spain, New Zealand and Bangladesh.


Dropping off or picking up? The walk home by @planetauto

@planetauto took the scenic route back home walking through the woods after dropping off their car at a local shop. Crossing through an area called Lamberts Meadow they shared images of the woods and some water with algae growing on top. This trail not too far from Morecambe Bay gave some amazing views. Glad to see others have nature trails around where they live.


A Good Woodland Walk by @ellenripley

@ellenripley took a walk through the woodlands in the UK and discussed how they enjoy seeing the colors change by the season with all shades of green. Sights of old stone walls can be seen probably built hundreds of years ago, still standing. It was great seeing some Rhododendron flowers in the background along with a mushroom growing from a tree trunk.


One day in soil road of Bangladeshi village || Traveling Blog || by @mdaminulislam

@mdaminulislam shows us some dirt roads on the way to a village called SinghRagi. The village is located in Delduar upazila of Tangail district in Bangladesh. Walking this dirt road brought back memories for them as they did so when they were younger walking between relatives houses. As they were walking on this road they saw people collecting Jackfruit on the side of the road. The path narrowed as they approached their relatives home but reached it in about 45 minutes.


Lake Gunn Nature Walk - New Zealand by @iamyohann

@iamyohann takes us on a walk through the area called Milford Sound. They were really astonished by the landscape in front of them. The gloomy, windy and cold day added to the eerie yet enchanted feeling of the forest. There was a clearly defined path filled with moss, ferns and alot of forest undergrowth. They eventually turned back due to the very cold wind but before leaving some great photos were captured.


Natural miracles on Tenerife and La Gomera by @lalalopoberlin

@lalalopoberlin brings us images from an island near Spain called Tenerife, its an island around 1264 square miles in size making it about the size of Rhode Island in the United States. With over 1,400 plant species and the natural parks are mesmerizing with their luscious greens and lights games. Arriving on La Gomera they felt reminded of a Jurassic Park movie or Lord of the Rings scene. There was a fire on the island while back, And now it almost feels like you are walking through a cemetery of trees in some areas where the park is slowly recovering from the heavy impact of the fire.

That's my five curations of Minnows on the Hive Blockchain.

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