Solominer's Spooky Stories: The startled shadow figure

By Solominer | Solominer | 11 Oct 2019


This experience happened to me, so its something I saw first hand. And I still wonder till this day what it was all about.

I was working in the living room packing up canned food and such in the case we have major snow or some outage. Im working there for a few hours, and I happen to turn around to take a break. As I have been squatting on the floor going through boxes for awhile.

When I face the other way I saw what I can only explain as a shadow figure. It was like a shadow but felt like it had more substance to it, like it was denser than a normal shadow. When I laid my eyes on it the shadow threw up its hands, in a charade as if it was startled or something. It stays frozen for a few seconds and then slowly moves toward the window and leaves.

The whole experience only lasted about 5 seconds, but its something I have no explanation for. I went outside to see if there were people around the windows casting a shadow. But no one was around, so very strange such a solid shadow would be cast through my window with no one around.

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