Peach tree covered in snow

Peach tree covered in snow

By Solominer | Solominer | 15 Mar 2020

When I moved to Georgia I thought having a Peach tree would be a good idea. Though for most of Georgia that is fine, but I live in the north. And we get snow and freezing weather throughout the late winter and early spring. Down south of Atlanta, its probably a more reliable fruit tree. But around where I live its a 50/50 chance if we get fruit each year.


panasonic_dmcgh3.png Camera Model Lumix GH3 lens.png Lens Olympus M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 12mm-50mm cropfilter1.png Filter none apture.png Aperture f/3.6 Timeexposurevalue.png Shutter Speed 1/80 sec iso.png Film Speed 200 spectrum.png Spectrum Visual Light wavelengh1.png Wavelength 380 through 700 nanometers location.png Location North Georgia USA.


The first few years I got quite lucky with the spring starting early and not having an interruption of freezing weather. Squirrels were my biggest problem as they taste the fruit and make them rot and going to waste. Though the frosts and snow are my biggest enemy now for stopping my tree from fruiting.


It always produces nice flowers, but if a frost shows up then it tends to kill the stem of the flower and causes it to stop growing fruit after pollenation.


We got some snow this year, about three inches. Not that much for the area but still enough to cause the flowers to get hurt. I wish the tree would flower a month or so later and not trying to bloom in February. I guess thats why its important to live further down south if you want Peach trees.


The leaves do not seem to mind the snow and frosts, they will produce regardless. Its just the flowers that can be damaged when it comes to the cold and the blooms are what turn into fruit so its important to keep them protected. Hard to say if we will get fruit this year, the Bees went to the flowers and seemed to be quite happy with them. But Ill need to wait a month or two to see if the buds grow into Peaches or just fall off.



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