Jumping Spider - Macro Photography

By Solominer | Solominer | 23 Apr 2020

While I was looking for Mason Bees to take photos of, I came across a couple Jumping Spiders trying to prey on the Bees. I would see the Bees fly by the spiders, and it would get their attention. It looks like the spiders would get close to catching them but I did not see any successful.


panasonic_dmcgh3.png Camera Model Lumix GH3 lens.png Lens Olympus MSC ED M. 60mm Macro lens cropfilter1.png Filter none apture.png Aperture f/2.8 Timeexposurevalue.png Shutter Speed 1/320 sec iso.png Film Speed 200 spectrum.png Spectrum Visual Light wavelengh1.png Wavelength 380 through 700 nanometers location.png Location North Georgia USA.


Its colors closely matched the Brazilian hardwood deck they were resting on. I wonder if they can change colors, it seems just too perfect for it to be like that naturally.


The backside of the spider, the hairs can be seen on the spider. It was probably tracking a bee flying close to the spider.


One of the wood plugs covering screws that hold the deck together. This little piece is about the size of a large pea. So it can give you an idea of how small these spiders are. The bees are much bigger than these little spiders.


Something flew past the spider, getting its attention and turning around. I guess if they try this all day long they may get lucky once in awhile.


The spiders did not seem to mind my presence, the bees were harder to take photos of than these Jumping Spiders. Really cool to see them up close with their green eyes and brownish grey hairs. These are ambush predators, not relying on a web to catch their prey. Im sure they have venom that acts quickly on the prey, as they need to subdue the prey they are chasing.

I am amazed how quick these spiders move, lightning fast. And at the same time they are quite articulate in the way they follow their prey and respond to different stimulus. I think Jumping Spiders are my favorite spiders.

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