Desert Combat Gameplay 05-29

Desert Combat Gameplay 05-29

By Solominer | Solominer | 29 May 2020


Making use of the Hind attack helicopter I clear out the enemies at their main base. Since we secured all the other capture points it was just about pounding their base and stop troops from leaving.

It looks like all the vehicles have made their way over to the enemy base. Its filled with allies using tanks, APCs, humvees and more.

Friendly fire became more of an issue as the skirmish line was only feet apart. By and by I get taken out by a tanks machine gunner and respawn at the main base. I was suprised to find one of our bases being overrun. Not sure where all the enemies came from. Until I saw they were dropping in via helicopter. Once the enemies got a foot hold on one base, they started spawning in mass. I use the Apache and take out most of them, and attempt to capture the base hovering above.

An APC shows up and I take it out but the debris almost takes me out instead. Almost out of rockets I killed myself and respawned in the AC-130. Shooting a machine gunner gave me access to the pilots seat. I flew it over to where I wanted to drop in. Parachuting a dropped some grenades to clear out my drop zone. Though enemy fire was too much and I got subdued. I decide to take a land based vehicle next. One of the fastest, a Humvee. It really moves across the map quickly and as long as I dont get shot it stands up okay. I line up a shot with the TOW on a tank but get taken out before I can fire off a wire guided missile.

I give the Apache another try, with all of the checkpoints in allied control I lay to waste the opposition. I take out all of the enemy armor and then start working on the ground troops. Though another machine gun eats up the helicopter and I find myself having to flee. Having like 5% of health I head back to my base. But I was shot out of the sky before I could get very close at all. I found the AA gun that took me out but with my heavy machine gun I cant do much damage with it.

I go for a softer target with my heavy machine gun as this thing I cannot hurt with my bullet. Id need an RPG or a vehicle with a bigger gun. Oh well, its hard to be prepared for everything in this game. Thats what makes it fun, and just playing a game from my childhood always gives me the feels.

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