A close up look at laser etched hive logos

A close up look at laser etched hive logos

By Solominer | Solominer | 30 Apr 2020

In the last few days I got my hands on these, ive had to see them through @whangster79's photos from his cell phone. But now that I have them I was able to cut off the excess wood using my chop saw and get them in front of my macro lens.


Thanks alot to @activate.alpha aka Lovely Logic in being my hand model for these photos. She helped me by holding them as I moved the camera around for some different views.


The way the resin set in the wood gives the indent a bold look to it. It seems to be a property of the Brazilian hardwood.


The weight of them is noticeable as well, due to Brazilian hardwood being some of the most dense wood out there.


A close up seeing the indent in the wood, the c02 laser etches out the material leaving a dip and darkened color to the wood. The grain of the wood can be clearly seen as well going a horizontal direction.


We did two etchings, one with the HIVE text and the other without. The first one I showed off is more of a rectangle shape, where the hive logo is closer to a square. @whangster79 and I had a thought of selling the square cuts as drink coasters, though they could be used for anything. Just thought of that as a utility for them. Not sure if the etching would make glasses on the coasters sit weird.


They would also make a nice piece to go in a cabinet to show off, or just keep it around as a conversation piece.


Another use would be placing this wood etching into a larger wood structure. Using it as a logo for some wood working project.


The way the laser burned the wood as it cut gave the pieces a contrasting look. And seeing the wood grains below was unexpected but something I really like.


A super closeup of where the etching and the untouched parts of the design meet.


The laser gets the wood quite hot, so we must keep an eye on it and make sure resin does not build up. Wiping it off once in awhile as the laser goes about its business.


Only a laser could give such an appearance to the wood as far as I know. Really glad my friend has one, and I was lucky to have extra cutoff's from my deck wood when we replaced my deck with Brazilian hardwood.


Since I only have a limited amount of this wood, we plan on selling these in batches. Prices will change as I have to purchase more wood.

But for the first batch we can sell the first 20 of them for $35 for a square with the hive logo only. And $40 for a rectangle with logo and HIVE text. These prices do not include shipping, depending on how far you are from Georgia will depend on the shipping price.

The square cutting is a around 4x4" and the rectangle size is still being worked out but will be a little longer than the square cuts.

Please comment if you are interested in purchasing one, or both and which one you prefer. We accept Hive, Steem and Bitcoin.


Link to laser etching HIVE logo gif


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