Ring Fit Adventure - 11.5.2020

Ring Fit Adventure - 11.5.2020

By CryptoSnarf | Snarf's Shenanigans | 5 Nov 2020


Today was an interesting workout. I seem to have gotten too involved with the game and story line that I just kept playing, even though the game kept heavily suggesting that I take a break. I'm not sure what was up with me today, I just felt good and felt like I had a lot of energy. I'm still alive and breathing now so nothing bad must have happened! I admit though, I will likely feel this tomorrow!

Today we focused in thighs and glutes, as well as the abdomen area. The abdomin training was to pay homage to the boss if the levels I played today. And yes, he focuses strictly on an exercises. I don't feel it now, but I know my gut is going to be sore getting out of bed tonorrow morning. 

After I best the ab levels, we got into more legs. A lot of the levels were just distance jogging which I really liked. You tend to burn more calories when you are jogging than just doing exercises. But don't worry, I know both are equally important to have good overall health!

I managed to level up enough that I am now getting Lvl. 2 abilities for combat. I guess it's same combat move, but a little toucher to execute and deals more damage. I'll have more feedback in that the next time I okay!

I'm tempted to go back and try to do all the extra side missions that I may have skipped during this original run through. It might be satisfying to go back and collect and unlock everything. 

But enough rambling and dissecting. Let's see those numbers!





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Snarf's Shenanigans
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