Ring Fit Adventure - 10.19.2020

Ring Fit Adventure - 10.19.2020

By CryptoSnarf | Snarf's Shenanigans | 19 Oct 2020

Bring On The Thigh Press 

A lot of people have been holding me accountable for my fitness and well-being lately. A lot of my friends on Twitter have been seeing me post about starting to work out and they make sure to check in on me every week. Some people may call it intrusive but I always appreciate the support and engagement. 

Today is my 6th day of playing Ring Fit Adventure. Once I actually strap up and start the game I get excited to play, but prepping my mind before hand is the hard part. (Why do our minds like to work against us all the time? ) The game does a great job of reminding you and encouraging you to keep the streaks of days worked continuing. There is even a functionality to add an alarm so you will be reminded to do your daily workout. I admit that I am not able to do this daily because if scheduling issues, but some day I would like to be able to do this on each day off I have from work. That'd be at least 4 times a week, which is far greater than what I am doing now. 

Today in my adventure I made a lot of misc. progress through the game. I didn't play much of the main questline and instead opted to do side quests and minigames. I always like to try to complete all objectives when playing RPG games. I want to make sure I experience all of the game. With that being said, I unlocked a combat ability that requires you to do thigh presses to engage the attack. Let me tell you that this is the sexiest and most fun combat skill I have earned yet. There is nothing better than sitting in the floor and pretending to crush a watermelon between your legs. Oh, and it does a lot of damage to enemies too, so I guess that is a nice bonus. I will for sure be using this almost exclusively during combat going forward. 

As always, here are the screenshots from today. You can see that the numbers are really starting to add up! 





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Snarf's Shenanigans
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