The Hydro Adventure

By smithymethods | Smithymethods | 15 May 2019

I'm thirsty I'm thirsty here in the city of DIRT with the scorching sun
Hydro! Hydro!
I'm in dire need of you where are art thou?
Was told Hydro is free in nature but in this desert I have searched and searched! But to no avail.

If I give up life ends, but if I continue peradventure this my thirst for Hydro gets quenched.
I have decided to continue in the search for hydro cos I'm not ready for the great beyond.

I and my travel companion see signs of the TIDE and HAIL heard rumors of the SNOWFLAKE and ICE waiting for the winds to bring some RAINDROPS in our direction.

All the downs and little ups is a perpetual night mare.
We have decided to stick together and decide which direction to go
But after all Hydro is free in nature and supposed to be everywhere
We won't give up!

Every step we took that didn't lead us to Hydro was noted so we don't make same mistake again.

After our many fruitless search, we saw something that looks like MIST.
We felt the aroma of hydro in our nostrils and there was sigh of hope.
Is hydro near? Are we close?

If our toil and labour has lead us thus far
Why give up now?
We continued in our search of our precious Hydro

Hydro! Hydro where art thou?
We continued our journey till we got to the city of Aquifer and the people were aloof and gazed at us.
We seek Hydro we said, surprised they were, a man named Mark answered; Hydro is DECENTRALIZED!! Hydro is EVERYWHERE!! After all one Hydro MOLECULE contains one ATOM OF OXYGEN and two ATOMS OF HYDROGEN

SO why did we toil and labour if this is true.
Can you give us a taste of this Hydro?
He willing gave us Hydro! And another one and another one, our thirst was quenched.
Immediately we saw lightening and thunderings followed by RAINDROPS and heavy RAINDROPS.

WE filled our bags with 'Hydros' and returned home.
Since Hydro is DECENTRALIZED and EVERYWHERE WE can generate Hydro in our little city of DIRT without breaking a sweat.

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