#SmallButSurely Part 5: ZEC, PIVX, ZEN Faucets

#SmallButSurely Part 5: ZEC, PIVX, ZEN Faucets

By scythenoz | Singapore Crypto FI | 31 Aug 2020

Are you looking for ways to grow your cryptocurrency portfolio without further investing your hard-earned cash? If your answer is yes, than the #SmallButSurely series is meant for you!

I am reviewing some of the coin faucets and free cash listed here in Publish0x and on Reddit to give you some idea what will possibly work to gain some crypto. At the end of each review, I will rate them based on ease of earning, fun rating, and ultimately, whether is it worth the effort and investment of your time. 

In today's review, we are looking at some ZEC, PIVX and ZEN Faucets

ZEC, PIVX, ZEN Faucets

I am grouping these faucets together because they have the same methods for claiming coins and you need to set it up similarly to achieve the maximum tokens from these faucets. The faucets can be collected once every 20-24 hours, and you will get additional coins if you use the Brave Browser, as well as connecting your social media accounts.

Global Hive


GlobalHive.io allows you to claim ZEC once every 24 hours. 



Pipeflare.io allows you to claim both ZEC once every 20 hours, and PIVX once every 24 hours.



ZenHub allows you to claim ZEN once every 20 hours. You will need to download the ZEN wallet and go through verification to get 1.5x bonus. You also get an additional HODL bonus if you choose not to withdraw it from your ZEN Wallet.

How do I get started?

Tip! A lot of people (myself included) rushed to click on Claim Now. Do all your social media connections first before you claim to maximise your bonus. You can choose to revoke the app permissions from your social media privacy centres after connecting. You still get to retain the social connections bonus.

Tip 2! After consecutive days of collecting the faucets, you also get a bonus round which means more coins! 


Ease of Earning

5/5 - It takes less than a minute daily. You just have to solve the captcha and you are good to go.

Speed to Withdraw

5/5 - Any faucet claims are cashed out to the wallet of your choice instantly. The transactions may take some time to process but it generally only takes minutes.

Is it worth it?

Yes - you can spend less than 2 minutes and potentially earn some crypto assets. It is definitely worth the effort.

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