#SmallButSurely Part 3: Earn BTC/ETH/DOGE daily!
Online Bitcoin Simulator

#SmallButSurely Part 3: Earn BTC/ETH/DOGE daily!

By scythenoz | Singapore Crypto FI | 7 Aug 2020

Are you looking for ways to grow your cryptocurrency portfolio without further investing your hard-earned cash? If your answer is yes, than the #SmallButSurely series is meant for you!

I am reviewing some of the coin faucets and free cash listed here in Publish0x and on Reddit to give you some idea what will possibly work to gain some crypto. At the end of each review, I will rate them based on ease of earning, fun rating, and ultimately, whether is it worth the effort and investment of your time. 

In today's review, we are looking at RollerCoin!

RollerCoin: Earn BTC/ETH/DOGE

RollerCoin is a game that simulates online bitcoin mining. Similar to actual Bitcoin mining which requires computing power to calculate complex computational math problems, RollerCoin requires you to play mini games to generate "virtual power". These power will then be contributed to the Network Power and you are rewarded satoshis in return. 

In RollerCoin, you can either opt to gain block rewards through the playing of mini games OR purchase miners to contribute to your computing power.

There's a wide variety of mini games available and all of them require no expertise and are probably games that we are familiar with.

Each game has 10 different difficulties, and 3 steps between each difficulty. This means that you need to pass the game 3 times to move up in difficulty. Rewards change depending on the difficulty. Each day the games will reset back to level 1. Once you have hit level 10, you can keep playing to earn more power. As a tip, you're recommended to play a single game to the highest difficulty as possible as they gives you the greatest reward. I personally feel that Coin-Flip consumes the least amount of time and rewards the most amount of "virtual power".

Mini Games

Alternatively, you can also opt to purchase Miners which takes away all the work from you. They consume electricity which you need to pay in Satoshi earned in game but you do not need to contribute any work. However, I believe the miner is not worth it as it only contributes a small portion of computing power and may take years for you to break even. 

RollerCoin Miners

Lastly, if you play consecutively, you will be able to upgrade your "computer". This will allow you to store computing power for longer period of time. When you reached, 15, 30 and 60 won games, you can retain the computer power for 3 days, 5 days and 7 days respectively.

Computer Upgrade

Withdrawals are fairly straightforward too. Just get to the minimum withdrawal limits stated and you will enjoy a fee-free withdrawal. 

  • Min withdrawal (BTC) 0.0001 (= 10,000 Satoshi).
  • Min withdrawal (DOGE): 360
  • Min withdrawal (ETH): 0.004

How do I get started?

  • Setup an account by using this link and you will get your first 200 Satoshis for free (good enough for a mining rack). 
  • Customise your Character
  • Build up your mining power playing games, reaching high scores, and completing tasks.
  • Earn tons of real Satoshi and cash it out!


Ease of Earning

4/5 - Quick games allowing you to earn computing power which translates into satoshis. You just need to invest time into it.

Is it Fun?

5/5 - These are games that we are familiar with and there are no ads involved.  

Is it worth it?

Yes - you can choose to "mine" at your pace and get the rewards in return. The initial days may seem that the satoshis come in slowly, but once you build up your computing power, it will jump up pretty quickly. 


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