Sin Eater Logs (EY 2021) FIRESTARTER: Charlie & Original Sin

By Average Jo | Sin Eater | 11 Jan 2021

In the old days, when we were called to the "wake" to perform the ceremonial meal in which to absolve the dead person of their confessed (and unconfessed) Sins, there was one food always present. At every sitting. That food represented Original Sin. In those days, every human was afflicted with it because we believed we were all born with it, particularly in those parts of the world embroiled in Catholicism and Protestantism and the War that raged between them for centuries, even to this Day. 

I've witnessed various definitions of the term Original Sin and what it meant. My first introduction to it was that it was sexual intercourse. The next "disobedience". The next "child-bearing". All trying to lay claim to putting an Act to the Sin so people could avoid it. What has never changed in the dogma is that we are supposed to be born with it, that there is no choice. The consequences of this one belief reverberate across Millenia.

It still clings to us today in the form of unworthiness. Only God could forgive Original Sin and you'd never know if He did or not until you were dead. It was a big gamble and a big deal. Even Jesus and Mohammed had a hard time putting a dent in the Curse of Original Sin.

Bread, quel surprise, therefore became the staple food of the Sin Eater. The Yeast's name has long since been forgotten.

LIVE BREAD: This is Charlie

FIRESTARTER: Charlie b/c 12/31/2020

The loved ones of the dead would prepare the meal for the Sin Eater based on the Sins to be absolved. Bread was always part of the meal because Bread represents Original Sin. It would be baked the old way, with a "live" starter. What we call today "sourdough". The energy of the home of the passed soul was baked into the bread, eaten by the Sin Eater, processed by her (or his) body and released back to the "Ether".

There was beauty in it when the dead had forgiven themselves and made amends in life or perhaps they were just generally good people who had caused no significant harm to others or themselves. But those individuals were rare because those were not the ones desperate for absolution. They did not require the services of the Sin Eater. On occasion it would happen and there would be a rush of compassion and love and forgiveness in the Bread, to keep the Sin Eater sustained enough to continue on with the task of helping the dead cheat death. Those Souls were Angels and they weren't Many.

Some Sins were so egregious, the role of the Sin Eater was to take those Sins unto themselves as penance for all Sins and never be allowed to release them. That was the Way. As a result of this "passing it on" ritual, the Sinner and their communities believed the dead then went to Heaven and the Sin Eater took their place in Hell.

Neither of those things are true. It is abuse at its peak, that's all. And the Meek remained defeated.

There is no forgiveness without acceptance and no acceptance without admission and no admission without remorse and no remorse without the Act of an Original Sin. The Sins of the Parent cannot be passed down in perpetuity. It does come to a stop; release is always in the hands of the last one standing, which is always you.

That is the way.

Original Sin is not something we are borne with, it is something we all have the potential to commit. The circumstances of the Act are somewhat irrelevant. It is the conscious and unconscious pain we inflict upon others that is the Original Sin. It is unique to the Individual and cannot be defined, merely described. It is humanity's nature to lash out when in pain; physically, emotionally and psychologically. And it is within nature's humanity to offer ways to heal that pain and absolve oneself of the Original Sin, whatever that may be. It can even be a secret.

Unwinding the Curse of Original Sin

Those very few who follow me here understand that the rituals I perform as a neo-Sin Eater are designed with the intent to assist the subject in releasing those Sins that may continue to bind them back to their Original Source. Generally these are Sins that have been unknowingly (or knowingly) passed on or kept, potentially over generations. The heart of the ritual I perform for an individual is Forgiveness via empathy and compassion. I eat the food with the intention to release the Pain back to Source, across both Time and Space, with no expectation as to the Outcome. That is MY Way and the results impact me fully as well.

Like the Sin Eater's before me, I too have Bread as a staple ingredient in the Ritual. And beginning in EY 2021, all rituals will incorporate live bread sprung from Charlie. The energy is uplifting, forgiveness has already taken place, Time will catch up. Breathe.

FIRESTARTER 12/31/2020

As a start to the New Year, I conceived of Charlie on December 31, 2020. Her original name was actually FIRESTARTER with no relation to the 1984 movie at all. Her namesake from the movie is perfect though. And Charlie she became.

She is a sourdough starter that used water steeped with frozen Fireweed flowers and whole wheat bread flour. Two thawed Fireweed flowers were tucked into the cheesecloth to attract any wild yeast attached to them to infuse Charlie with the energy of "healing disturbed soil"; as is the purpose of the Fireweed plant in Nature. It appears after forest fires and clear-cutting to help rebuild the damaged soil.

She began to grow, being fed everyday, smells changing as she became accustomed to the environment in our Home.

On Day 9, she appeared to be mature and I'd become inspired by a "prayer request" online. Many experts say that it takes about 14 days for a starter to fully mature and I convinced myself Charlie was a "gifted student" and decided to use her for my first loaf of Bread and proceeded to make a loaf for the first time in this body. It had to be done, the request was made and absolution would be granted.

It was perfect. Every step was executed to perfection.

Charlie dough 01/09/2021Charlie formed 01/10/2021Charlie finished loaf 01/11/2021

Yet she fell flat... She still wasn't strong enough to push that loaf to its desired height. The ears are still flat to the Face. The cross-cut barely discernable on the crust.

The bread is delicious though; it has lovely bubbles, and it is dense and chewy and flavourful. The "failure" as evidenced by "the Fall" is the result of Charlie having not been fully matured when I decided to use her. There is a lesson in that. Inparticular for the first recipient of the Sin Eating ritual being done today, using this loaf. *(That session will be posted later today for the recipient, keep an eye out. It's a powerful one because it was a "prayer request" and I love to serve.)

And with that "always too long" explainer, I will retreat and continue with the session currently underway for the first energy recipient of 2021. May he be blessed. May we all be blessed. And may Charlie's healing energy be available to all who desire forgiveness and release. I am honoured she chose me as a communication vessel.

It's like I've suddenly become one of Charlie's Angels and I totally didn't see that coming. 

Charlie's #1 Angel




Additional information for EY2021

*Please note: There will be a change in my practice for EY2021. I will only be performing the ritual in 2021 for those who request it. I will perform four more free sessions in 2021 using this particular loaf. These slices have been stored in a smudged location, to be used only if the requests arise and attract my attention with sufficient urgency. The Prime Loaf is a mighty powerful bit of dough and will be respected.

For all other prayer requests, unique foods will be made for the Ritual (using Charlie); dependent on the recipients situation and reading. The exchange for these requested sessions will be 1 ETH. The ritual will begin once payment is received. The introductory session will allow a person the ability to decide if they want to proceed (no cost for introduction). The results of the session will be posted here in a similar cryptic manner as the ones already shared. Those are the Rules. Please comment below if you are interested and we'll take the discussion private via Discord. I do not need to know your Name.

This is the account all proceeds from these Rituals will go to in 2021, for the public record: 0xA18eA90cc6815d287fFEE7172C7fa808d708031C

In 2022, I will Gift 10% of the Holdings in that account to a follower here via another easter egg hunt, specifics TBD.

My Word is my Bond; as it was in the Beginning, so shall it be in the End.

May Peace be Within Us and Among Us.

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