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Chapter 11. Ultra Rare Collectibles Giveaway Winners Announcement! A Let’s Simplify Things! Post

By DrYunani | Simplify | 4 Feb 2021



A very warm welcome to another winners announcement!

Before finding out who won I want to let you know about the latest news coming from Ultra Rare!

It’s been a few weeks since their stunningly successful launch. 

Everything was sold in under two hours!

And afterwards over a $100k has been spent in the secondary markets in less than a week. 

Those numbers speak for themselves and they have catapulted Ultra Rare to being on of the top projects on wax!


And although, since my post, they already have awarded many amazing Black and Gold cards, they haven’t stopped there! 

I know how much John and Richie truly love their collectors and now it is time for all of you to find it out as well!

So please read carefully their latest announcement!….

“We here at Ultra Rare love our collectors more than anything else. 

And that’s why we want to give you something extra special.


The Lovecraftian Horrors subset.

A brand new 20 card collection and its corresponding variants. 

That means a gigantic 142 brand new cards up for grabs.

For every 20 card subset you’ve completed (both A/B variants), you’ll get a new A/B card from the Lovecraftian Horrors subset.

For every variant completed, you get the full Lovecraftian Horrors subset. That means 20 brand new cards (10 A and 10 B cards).

And the same goes for every variant all the way up to the Ultra Rare Cursed.

A new guest A/B card will also be awarded to Horror Heads who complete the 20 card Guest Set.


NOTE: You’ll get cards for EVERY subset or full-set you complete. So, for example, if you have 2 complete base-sets, you get 2 Lovecraftian Horrors base subsets, and so on.

The deadline for Base set completion will be Saturday 6th February.

The deadline for Neon Demons set completion will be Wednesday 10th February.

The deadline for Glass set completion will be Sunday 14th February.

The deadline for Hypno set completion will be Thursday 18th February.

The deadline for Cosmic and Guest set completion will be Monday 22nd February.

The deadline for Bloodsoaked set completion will be Friday 26th February.

The deadline for Cursed set completion will be Tuesday 2nd March.

Happy hunting!”

So what are you waiting for??? Hurry!!! 

Complete your sets and get those Ultra Rare special new cards!


And now to the winners….

The lucky 5 winners are:

  1. Sergi83 vx3aw.wam
  2. jandrad 2lsaw.wam
  3. kos4rey iohaw.wam
  4. Demetrius rlxqw.wam
  5. JohnGs 4h.qy.wam


Once again I want to thank John and Richie for their generosity!

I can’t wait to see what you will bring to us next!!!



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And although it contains a giveaway I would have written the exact same things regardless!

The above reflect my personal views and by no means should be taken as a recommendation to use or not use any service or equipment whatsoever!

Please feel free to make any suggestions or comments especially on what you would like to see next being simplified!

Until the next post….

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

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