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Cryptoactive and blockchain technology, once a mystery, has now gradually become popular and gaining ground in many sectors, such as the economy, health and education, which are beginning to benefit from this potent innovation.

With the maturity of the entire market involving cryptoeconomics, it is expected that more startups will appear, developing new products and services, which will cause the demand for professionals in this area to grow, thus generating many job opportunities and career advancement.

Although the adoption and integration of the technology is still in the primary stages of maturation for those interested, if this is the right time to go deeper and seek training to be prepared for the opportunities that will arise. With more companies experimenting with blockchain in their operations, technological progress will grow exponentially and more companies will bring their solutions to the market.

Currently, as expected, most of the available opportunities are directed to the area of ​​software development, but with the maturing of the market, the field of action has been expanding and vacancies for other areas, such as marketing, are beginning to emerge. .

The potential is great, so we brought some information about the area and job possibilities in the sector.


2020 showed blockchain leading the list of most requested for the year. In addition, he informed that companies are not only increasingly implementing blockchain solutions, but also investing heavily in research and development.

A year ago Blockchain wasn't even on that list. This change demonstrates how fast this technology is being introduced in the

business world. According to the survey, the countries where skills linked to blockchain are being most sought after are: the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany and Australia.

Linkedin's research divides skills into two segments: hard skills, which include specialized knowledge and technical skills to deal with a specific task; and soft skills, which are related to behavior and cognitive skills.

The work report also highlights that blockchain is no longer a technology niche for startup. Among the top recruiters were IBM, Oracle, JPMorgan Chase, Cisco, Microsoft, Amazon and American Express. This does not leave a clear message, large companies are seeing blockchain as a technology worth betting on.

According to teQatlas, the companies most active in hiring for this sector are: IBM, Cisco and Accenture - together they represent about 1,000 open positions.


AngelList, a site specialized in startups, shows some data in which it is possible to verify that other positions, besides those related to software development, are also already starting to be demanded, for example, professionals for operations, product design, business, marketing and content creation.

Developers are included in engineering and, as expected, he is the most demanded professional, as he is one of the main responsible for the construction of the entire infrastructure of this ecosystem.

89% of recruiters reported challenges in selecting people with these skills.

These challenges are even greater when hiring staff when the roles are related to machine learning, artificial intelligence and blockchain.

In 2018, there were 23 million software developers. That number is expected to reach 27.7 million by 2023.

Developers who wish to work in this area will be able to act as engineers and architects, who create a blockchain or applications that use a blockchain.




A new report from Hired, the job search site, shows how the demand for software engineers with blockchain skills is in greater demand than at any other time in the past.

In its first analysis, only of works related to software engineering, Hired found the blockchain development skills classified in the three main places available in almost all regions of the world.

The top three cities that hire the most software developers blockchain are New York, San Francisco and Chicago.

It's no surprise that New York and San Francisco top the list of top cities with opportunities to work in the blockchain and cryptocurrency field.

And if you are interested, check out the main professions in which you can specialize, taken from, for opportunities that will arise with the growth of the market.


And for those who already have some experience and want to try to compete for the opportunities currently available, here are the main sites where it is possible to find vacancies for the area.


Regardless of the area of activity within this new ecosystem, one thing is evident and very important, the willingness to learn will be increasingly important to be able to remain competitive when competing for jobs in the future.

Things have changed very quickly, which requires us, more and more, to be an eternal apprentice to adapt to these changes and we are willing to discover the new on our own.

As it is a new area, much is still being developed and whoever is entering this world now, will be part of the construction of a decentralized future.

Search engines will be your best friend and the mastery of the English language has proven to be essential, since most of the content is in that language.

As it is a new world that is constantly evolving, it will be necessary to be willing to evolve together.

Because of this, the current school education system is perhaps not the most efficient. The knowledge and skills acquired during studies are becoming increasingly obsolete, even before graduation, because the main requirements for the modern worker are the commitment to lifelong education, the need to change professions and the ability to quickly master all the necessary skills.

The professional of the future will have to be a long life learning, that is, he will have to learn forever.

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