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Season 3 and a Doge week

Well that was a short “week”…

After just two days of double RLT, as decided by community poll, RollerCoin says they will be switching the boosted reward coin to DOGE to celebrate the 8th anniversary of the “birth” of that coin.


Maybe hamster time is shorter than human time, like dog years?

(Are Doge years the same as Dog years? 🤔 Is Dogecoin now middle-aged?)

Or perhaps they mean the next week, and this announcement is just early? Block rewards currently (Wednesday the 8th) still reflect a 60RLT per block distribution.

Either way, it’s impossible to calculate an accurate network balance at this point since fully 45% of the power is still dedicated to RLT:

I’ll likely do a proper analysis in a day or so once this has shifted. (I’ve also been trying to get my thoughts together on some non-RollerCoin articles, but it’s surprisingly difficult to get it together without needing to be timely.) 


Last time they boosted DOGE it was also by 4x, and the network power balance was pretty consistently as follows:

  • 28% RLT
  • 22% BTC
  • 15% ETH
  • 7% BNB
  • 27% DOGE

(These numbers mostly didn’t change between the first and second times I performed this analysis, other than that ETH went up from 14% the first time to 15% the second time.)

At those percentages and this week’s coin prices, it looks like ETH might once again be most profitable…


Back to reality…

In the meantime, I’ll be speculating on this second message, and what the possible theme of the upcoming Season 3 event could be:


It looks like a broadcast stage, with some giant speakers on the side and can lights in the rigging…

Perhaps some sort of game show with competitions among players? Given the recent popularity of a meta-show about a game show, and the past mention by the RC team that they wanted to implement a ranking rewards, it wouldn’t be a surprise.

Here’s that mention in the Oct 20th blog post:


(notice that the Season 4 event is listed as being up for release after the ranking system)

and here’s a meme of that game-show show, posted in the RC telegram:


(lol or at least I assume that’s what this is, I haven’t actually seen the show)

Either way, it should be fun for me to earn extra RLT this week as everyone switches. 😉

Personally I’m more excited about the prospect of being able to afford an upcoming (potentially holiday-themed) loot crate than about the suspiciously non-holiday-themed season 3 event theme.



If you’re not already getting paid in crypto for your casual gaming habits, you can grab a quick thousand sats by using my link to join RollerCoin. Adopt your own Mr. Goxx (R.I.P.) and get that wheel rolling! 

If you’d rather not play games with your crypto, check out one of my other favorites and faucets.

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