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QuadraDOGE Week Analysis Part 2

In yesterday’s post about the balance of RollerCoin rewards and which is the most profitable coin to mine I overlooked something pivotal…

The hash rate I used for rollertoken (or is it rollerTether?) was 47.28, which was what the Network Power page had displayed at the time as the most up-to-date block reward. It was also displaying 46.24 as the block reward for DOGE (vs. the claimed and verifiable-through-calculations 80), but for that coin I realized the issue was that the block reward displays as an average for the whole day. Since I don’t live in the GMT/UTC timezone, this means that for part of my day the block reward for DOGE was 20, and the other part of the day was 80, and the number displayed to me was a non-accurate transition average.

 I completely forgot that while DOGE was seeing the onset of a 4x multiplier, RLT was seeing the conclusion of a 2x multiplier.

The block reward for RLT is 30RLT, not 47.28.

So using the same simple mathematics, below is a report of the actual RollerCoin network. I’ll also use values as they exist in a 02:00 UTC 10/13/21 snapshot:



Remember, the calculation I’m using is standardized to 500Th/s

  • 0.0005Eh/s out of the Total block power gives the % of the block reward earned by an individual with 500Th/s
  • block reward over the price-per-RLT gives the number of RLT/USD awarded per block (to the whole block)
  • multiplying the % from step 1 and the $ from step 2 results in the standardized per-block reward for having 50Th/s devoted to a certain coin

If there are errors with my assumptions or calculations, please don’t hesitate to leave me a comment. 


  • Currently 13.558Eh/s
  • 30 RLT per block
  • 500Th/s is 0.0036879% of total power
  • $0.001106 per block


  • Currently 10.537Eh/s
  • 0.0003 per block
  • 0.00002093 per 1 RLT
  • each block is $14.33
  • 500Th/s is 0.0047452% of total power
  • $0.000680 per block


  • Currently 7.181Eh/s
  • 0.005 per block
  • 0.000336 per 1 RLT
  • each block is $14.88
  • 500Th/s is 0.0069628% of total power
  • $0.001036 per block


  • Currently 3.534Eh/s
  • 0.012 per block
  • 0.002570 per 1 RLT
  • each block is $4.67
  • 500Th/s is 0.0141483% of total power
  • $0.000661 per block


  • Currently 13.033Eh/s
  • 80 per block
  • 5.1584 per 1 RLT
  • each block is $15.51
  • 500Th/s is 0.0038364% of total power
  • $0.000595 per block

As you can see, RLT is still the best choice, followed by ETH, then BTC, then BNB. DOGE’s popularity more than balances out the increase in block reward.


Curiously, the total reward per block at time of writing is ~$80. I suppose this fluctuates as well.

For more details about this, check out “Quadruple DOGE Week - RollerCoin Reward Clarity.”

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