Welcome to the second Quadruple Doge week!

Man, this is starting to feel like a series of street-racing movies!

This morning’s reward shift and network power rebalance seem right where they were predicted to be, and the only factor that is different appears to be the proportion of the network dedicated to mining ETH. (In my prediction last week, 6.8 out of 48.5 exahash was about 14%.) Apparently that’s just different enough to make ETH not so good a deal (at least for today), and the coin of the week will once again be Rollertokens, RLT.


Does this make me a RLT Maximalist?


The rest of this looks super familiar, and is almost identical to the way it looked the last time DOGE was 4x, which was what spurred me to write this article fully explaining the calculations I use to determine what coin to mine and why I wasn’t jumping on the DOGE-mining bandwagon. Little did I know I’d be doing this multiple times a week.

Why is RLT always more profitable?

Well, I don’t run a business, and I’m not on the RollerCoin team, but I would imagine they’re trying to incentivize mining RLT because you’ll never have the option to cash it out.


These credits only exist in-game, and while we can exchange real coins for RLT, we can’t buy real coins with RLT. Your only option is to spend them on in-game items, and it doesn’t cost the RollerTeam anything to allow you to do that.

So are you still mining RLT, Silf?

Yes, absolutely. I expect Season 3 will come with its own Loot Crate(s), and I want one.

Season 2’s crates were essentially win-win. They weren’t as cheap as some of the cheapest miners, but the power of even the smallest miner in the box was a better deal for the cost than anything offered on a regular basis.

The amount of hashrate you get per RLT spent on regular miners is pretty mediocre, with a few exceptions:

On the other hand, even the smallest loot crate miner gives 22Th/s, and Every loot crate miner cost the same 20RLT (Or 50 for the Halloween ones):


Where 110 divided by 99 gave the El Monstro a rate of 1.1Th/s per RollerToken spent, the Shrumee’s 22/20 has the same benefit ratio at a much lower price point. And there is technically a chance that my 20RLT could net me a big miner, such as the Season 2 crate’s “The Nemesis,” with 450Th/s. The 50RLT box had a chance for Far greater rewards, and even the smallest miner in that box had a better power return per RLT than most of the normal miners.

So while I could buy a second Chupacabra to go with the one I earned in Season 2, I’ll be waiting to see what’s in the Season 3 loot crates first. Chupacabra will always be there.

If you’re not already getting paid in crypto for your casual gaming habits, you can grab a quick thousand sats by using my link to join RollerCoin. Adopt your own Mr. Goxx (R.I.P.) and get that wheel rolling! 

If you’d rather not play games with your crypto, check out one of my other favorites and faucets.

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