Weather Thoughts

By Sienzuf | sienzuf | 15 Aug 2020

More on external forces which have impacts on the mind and thoughts. Let us look at the weather. As you continue on your journey of awareness you will notice the changes in your thoughts and what has triggered the change.

The weather has an impact on how you're feeling which can be directly from the elements of fire, water, air, earth and the aether (universe). Start observing your thoughts without judgement and sense how you feel.

It's not just that a beautiful day will make you feel great as you might be locked up or unwell in bed which will make you feel unhappy. It might be raining and you are so happy because you have been experiencing drought.

The weather teaches us impermanence. All things change including ourselves. Embrace the change and flow with the change.

Feel throughout the day any changes you have in your thoughts concerning the weather. Learn from the experience and your awareness will begin to expand.

Be kind to yourself, relax and breathe:

Sun/Fire will energise you.
Earth will ground you.
Rain will cleanse you.
Air/Chi/Prana will circulate the energy around your whole body.
Aether/Universe will connect you to all things and provide you with the understanding that everything is One.

Peace and Love

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