The advantage

By mgaft1 | Short Stories | 1 Sep 2019

"It was an advantage!" I said half-shouting. My response was instinctive.

I shouldn’t have said that let along shout it out. Gilbert’s silver Porsche promptly moved away, taking Maeve away from me perhaps forever. I quickly looked around. Some accidental people walked passed me back and forth. No one could have understood what I meant, and having understood, use this understanding against me. All the same, I shouldn’t have exposed myself so, even if inside it would tear me apart. I should be calculative, enigmatic, cool.

What could I oppose to Gilbert’s private school upbringing, with tutors in all subjects, with the ten-bedroom mansion, that his parents bought him, to his yacht trips in the Atlantic Ocean, to his financial ability to travel to every possible country on the Globe? My part-time job, my room in the dorm, my approaching graduation with a degree in engineering?

Maeve was a girl of my dream: beautiful, smart, intelligent, refined, having great manners, a great taste in arts - a pure class. For Gilbert…No, for him, she was more than just another pretty chick. He also understood who she was. Yet, he could pick among those girls, girls of someone’s dream.

Was it fair that Gilbert just snapped his fingers and took Maeve away from me? No. But what is fair? If we open up a person and look inside, we will see blood, nerves, heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, but no fairness. Fairness is not a part of reality. It’s a fictional concept, it is made up.

The funniest thing is… I don’t even blame Maeve I understand her. Should I have a daughter, I would want her to have a husband who could buy her anything she wanted: clothes, luxury cars, mansions, yachts, trips to Europe. Of course, I don’t think Gilbert would be able to match my feelings for Maeve, but what is the value of a genuine feeling nowadays? How much is it depreciated?

And looking forward, even if I succeed, and become a successful engineer, with the stable upper-middle-class income, Lexus SUV and a comfortable house is this enough for a dream girl? No. I don’t think so. In fact, I am certain of this.

What I could afford won’t be my dream girl. It might be the second-best, the best out of those remaining. Remaining after those with advantages will take all the dream girls. And you can shout it out or not, it would make no difference.

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Short Stories
Short Stories

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