Interview with Didi from The Bitcoin Family

By shadowofsatoshi | shadowofsatoshi | 29 May 2019

If you never heard of The Bitcoin Family, its probably not likely. Long story short, Didi Taihuttu sold his house and car for bitcoin and decided to take his wife and three daughters and travel the world! While doing this, he is promoting bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and decentrailzed solutions like blockchain.


Didi, thank you for joining the interview. How do you like in your new nomad lifestyle? Is it difficult?

Thanx for the question. The whole family loves this kind of life, so its great. And for sure, there are up and downs in our live. But when you are on a beautiful beach in Thailand, you can get through many things easier. :-)


When was the moment you decided to live like this? What about your wife oppinion?

I lost my parents when I was not so old. The emotions was too strong for me, so I decided tobe less workaholic and to spend more time with my family.

My wife was in a shock for the first moment, but then started to believe me.



photos from Didi web archive


How do you educate your children?

It’s illegal to homeschool your kids in the Netherlands, so this was one of the reasons we moved to the sun and sea. We wanted to prepare our kids for the future in a better way than at school. We are trying to educate our kids in a more practical way. We will not show them an elephant in a book, but we will visit it and feed the elephant personally. Then we ask the kids to write some story about the elephant. 


Do you think that one day, there will be „only crypto“ future?

I think that bitcoin and a few other cryptocurrencies will exists all the time next to the digital fiat currencies. But casj as we know it nowadays might disappear in many countries such as South Korea, China or Sweden at first. Only we can decide if we are able to use crypto in our daily lives in the future or not.


What are your plans for the closest future?

We already travelled for 3 years. In few days we are starting a new adventure called the Sharing is Caring tour of The Bitcoin Family. This will be combination of a movie, education and donation providing around the world. We will live in 4x4 jeep with rooftop tents and spreading the info about cryptocurrencies and bitcoin around the world.

We will create bitcoin challenges for other families and people in some funny way, like a treasure hunt for 1 bitcoin and many others.


You can chceck the official promo video of the Sharing is Caring tour of The Bitcoin Family


Uncuted version of the interview is on

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