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SwissBorg - predict Bitcoin price and earn crypto

1 week ago shadowofsatoshi $0.01 (7.2449 HYDRO)

Recently, I have become more interested in projects that offer some crypto rewards for a few minutes a day. Currently, I have come across a project called SwissBorg, where you can play for a maximum $ 500,000 prize, which is distributed among the fir...

QuarkChain bounty program - FREE crypto

2 weeks ago shadowofsatoshi $0.07 (38.0004 HYDRO)

QuarkChain is a 3rd generation blockchain platform, which is moving to the mainnet on 30th April 2019. You can now enter their bounty program, where will be given away 2,000,000 QKC. Let's do together a promotional activities for this amazing QuarkCh...

We might be in an Altcoin season

19 Mar 2019 shadowofsatoshi $0.15 (89.3267 HYDRO)

Over last few weeks, a lot of Altcoin has generated a solid profit. Some low cap coins have made even thousands of percent, some midcap “only” hundreds. Noah Coin (173) did 150% last week, Kin (84) did 100%, Crypto.com Chain (24) 92%, KuCoin Shares (...