Delisting coins - risk that you must take

By shadowofsatoshi | shadowofsatoshi | 15 Feb 2019

Binance just today announced, that they will delist some coins from their exchange.

Substratum, Salt, CloakCoin, Modum and WINGS

Those are the coins, which will be delisted.

All these cryptocurrencies started panic selling. If you don´t believe in their project or you don´t have any wallet/exchange you can send those coins, you will probably panic sell too, before they fall even lower in price.

This is all emotional behavior and in some way its reasonable. You want to protect your investments, for sure!

Can we take something from this?

Yes, we can. Few things.

1. Put stop-losses to your investments, at least to those, you don´t believe for HODL. Long term.

2. Do even more of your own research. Check the team, watch the progress, follow the project. DYOR! DEMOYOR!

3. Try to avoid coins, which are in only one of the exchange that you have an account. Because if they delist them, what then? You can sell them with loses or...transfer somewhere else.

4. Count with the risk, that the coin could be delisted someday. Count with this when purchasing any altcoin!



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