BiSwap - The Best Decentralized Exchange, trade and earn! Good Bye Pancake

By ShadowCrypto | Shadow News | 15 May 2022

Are you a Pancake swap user? Why not try out BiSwap?


Biswap Is a better Dex, with dozens of nice features, and there is one that I love, every time I make a swap I earn crypto, and this is how it works:
Every Time you make a swap you pay BNB Chain Fees, those fees are gone forever, right? Not On Biswap, you earn back up to 70% of your fees in BSW tokens, You can stake it, sell, or do whatever your want.

Every time you Buy or Sell Crypto using BiSwap you earn  BSW tokens, your transaction fees become tokens in your account! Easy, no Secrets, just use as your main dex and earn :)



As you can See I earned some BSW, and it's easy, just do your daily trades on BiSwap and earn it.

YES! Trade Crypto, earn your FEE Back in BSW TOKENS!


And More!

You can Earn By referring people, to have some crypto Friends? Enemies? Don't worry, bring them to use BiSwap, Earn up to 20% from friends’ swap commission on Biswap and 5% from their earnings on Farms & Launchpools;

So, If your friend makes a trade, you will earn, Farms, Launchpools, and YES, you earn too, start inviting everyone to join Biswap right now.



No Investment is needed! 

Can I profit from the Referral Program without any investments from my side? Yes, you can earn 10% from the Swap Referral Program and 5% from Farms & Launchpools without any required investments from your side.

BSW is a very good with potential crypto, take the time to look into BiSwap dex and learn how everything works, you can earn simply by trading your tokens of using the farm function, provide liquidity to different crypto and earn interest on it (Take a time to learn, crypto are volatile even if you are farming consider the market fluctuation.

Many cryptocurrency experts believe that the price of Biswap will rise sharply in the future. This is partly due to the fact that the crypto market, in general, is on the rise and is becoming more widely known, there are even governments that are concerned about it. However, the crypto market can be called highly volatile. Large increases and decreases in prices can occur in a short period of time.


If you don't want to provide liquidity, no Problem you can Stake BSW tokens or even other cryptos into the platform and earn from it.

At the moment Biswap is developing into one of the biggest cryptocurrencies in the world. Due in part to partnerships with a number of major companies and Biswap's social acceptance, the future Biswap looks very bright.



What are you waiting for? Just DO IT! 

SEGA coloca Shia LaBeouf dentro de Sonic Generations. DO IT! - NerdBunker

Start Using BiSwap Today:

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