A Fight Against the Scarred Llama Mage

By sgbonus | sgbonus | 6 Oct 2021


Good day guys!

Let me share with you one of the battles that I had, I was really scared when is saw that Scarred Llama Mage was my opponent. Join me as I share with you what happened during this battle.


Battle information

The battle mana cap was 28 with the "Lost Magic and Earthquake" rules.


My Lineup
Summoner: Brighton Bloom
Monsters: Shieldbearer, Divine Healer, Venari Crystalsmith, Armorsmith and Evangelist

Opponents Lineup
Summoner: Scarred Llama Mage
Monsters: Pelacor Mercenary, Nectar Queen, and Venari Seedsmith.

The Battle

Here's the link of the whole battle

Round 1

Whenever I see the earthquake rule and see that the dragon splinter, I usually pick Brighton Bloom as m summoner so my monsters won't get damaged per round. As the first round started my Evangelist was able to put a snare on the Pelacor Mercenary, removing the flying skill, then my monsters started damaging it. It couldn't do anything but only destroy 3 shield from the shieldbearer. But it was replenished by the armorsmith.

bright bloom gif.gif

Round 2

Because of the snare of the Evangelist, the pelacor Mercenary was receiving the Earthquake damage. So my monsters killed it then the Nectar Queen became the tank. The damage of Nectar Queen would have been painful if there was no shield.
bright bloom 2.gif

Round 3

This is when the Evangelist was able to Snare the Nectar queen removing the flying ability of Nectar queen. and that is when my monsters started beating her up. bringing the hp down to 7.

bright bloom 3.gif

Round 4

To be honest, I really don't know why my opponent used the Venari Seedsmith, because it has taken a lot of damage from the Earthquake, and because of the earthquake, it finally died. Hiving the Nectar Queen her HP back and a higher attack due to the last stand ability. Though the damage may be so high, it couldn't do anything due to the armor.

bright bloom 4.gif

Round 5

The Earthquake was able to hit the nectar Queen, my evangelist attacked and the Venari Crystal smith gave the final blow giving me the Victory.

bright bloom 5.gif

Spoils of War

I got 15.482 DEC and my rating increased by 24.

Thoughts on this battle
To be honest, I really forgot that the evangelist had the snare ability, and when I saw its effect on the monsters I was really happy. -2 hp per round on a monster plays a really big factor. Because of Bright bloom, I wasn't able to receive damage from all the monsters that's why I usually use her whenever there's an Earthquake rule. I was actually scared facing Scarred Llama Mage, I'm just glad that it wasn't Kron the Undying who was going to be the last opponent, or there's a chance that I would lose this battle. This was really a fun fight and I'm continually learning about this game.

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Thanks for reading and stay safe always!

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