How to earn more BAT with Brave Browser (tutorial for beginners)
How to earn more BAT with Brave Browser (tutorial for beginners)

By Seb Crypto | Seb and crypto | 17 Feb 2020

As you probably know, Brave Browser allows you to win BAT by clicking on ads. These ads are presented as notifications, and you earn BAT if you click on them. Each click earns you 0.05 BAT.

By default, Brave Browser is set to show a maximum of 2 notifications per hour, provided of course that you have activated the rewards program.

But did you know that you can have more notifications per hour, and therefore earn more BAT?

It's simple: click on the triangle in the address bar to open the rewards tab, then click on rewards settings.


Then click on the ad settings icon, and there you can choose the number of notifications per hour, up to 5 notifications per hour.


I've noticed that this isn't always respected though, I guess there may be a daily maximum. But I also noticed that notifications often appear after the mouse pointer has been motionless for a while. The notification then appears when the mouse moves again.


Seb and crypto
Seb and crypto

In this blog, I try to earn cryptocurrency with minimal or no investment at all. Sometimes it works, sometimes... it doesn't.

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