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Earning cryptocurrency using Twitter - Scryptachain

By Cappex | Scrypta Blockchain | 19 Jan 2021


The title of this article is very interesting, how many of us are Twitter users and use it daily? What if we could get paid for our tweets?

Over the years, cryptocurrencies have seen a significant increase in social interest as well as economic value. projects have been born that struggle to emerge due to issues related to little marketing or the reduced budget available.

The Twitter community is very large and the idea of remunerating users who use certain hastaggs or keywords to promote the dissemination of a project or initiative is the brilliant intuition that the Scryptachain team had.

The hard work of the BOT 

cryptotwtt is the bot designed by the team that has the task of identifying the comments and tweets published containing certain keywords and send the user a small fee, we could consider it as a faucet.

To avoid abuse and spam, the bot will crawl the tweets and each user will have a chance to get the reward every 360 minutes.

How it works:

Everything is easily configurable and in this tutorial I will explain how to start getting $LYRA right away

1) This is the site to start configuring the bot:

2) You will need to connect the bot just clicking "Login" to your twitter account and approve the app:

3) Once connected you will have access to the dashboard with your wallet details, which you can import into $LYRA wallets (here all the wallets):

Remember to save the private key and generate a password. The bot also offers the ability to configure your existing wallet, send tip to a twitter users with the following command:

#scryptabot address REPLACE_WITH_YOUR_ADDRESS -> change the reward address (i.e. the one to which the bot sends the $LYRA)
#scryptabot tip @TWITTER_USER AMOUNT -> sends a specific amount to the user
#scryptabot endorse TWITTER_USER_OR_HASHTAG AMOUNT_TO_TIP LYRA -> it is used to sponsor a profile or a hashtag word
#scryptabot disable PREVIOUSLY_ENABLED_ENDORSEMENT -> disable an endorsement
#scryptabot enable PREVIOUSLY_DISABLED_ENDORSEMENT -> enable an endorsement

from this moment your tweets containing the keywords will start to receive small rewards.

The bot is customizable and this will allow it to support other coins as well, the user experience on social networks will no longer be the same thanks to blockchain technology.
For more information join the Scrypta community on discord.


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