We are moving to a new platform…aaannd we’ve got a (special) gift for you!

By Dzoelx | Cryptocurrency Scripts | 21 Apr 2022

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Missed us? Maybe not, but we missed you; a whole lot! Well, we’ve not been sleeping…at least. Our last report was a few months ago and since then we have taken time to consider a few factors and set ourselves up for an even brighter future…with you.

We have chosen the Hive platform as our preferred platform to build a community for our project; we are not backtracking on this. In line with this, we will continue to release updates here, regularly. We have only sent report of our first mint on this platform and since then we haven’t done much. But that is about to change.

Our new platform? You will certainly love it

Our first NFT drop was on Fantom blockchain and PaintSwap; two amazing platforms. We loved them…we still do. However, after some deliberations, we have decided to adopt a more carbon-friendly platform with more simplified NFT Creation and collection process.

Our new platform – Voice; is a novel NFT blockchain that powers carbon neutral NFTs. Voice simplifies NFT, for creators and collectors alike. It features an easy signup process and a simplified NFT market for creators to display their NFTs and also for collectors who find these NFTs appealing. Creating a VOICE account takes only a couple of minutes. Click here to get a voice account

On voice, we hope to continue creating NFTs of unique and authentic photography NFTs devoid of copyright issues. The original copies of our NFT are owned by us and the original files will be deleted forever once the NFTs are completely sold. This is to signal a complete transfer of ownership to the collectors.

We are minting sixty-nine (69) editions of each NFTs and sale price is currently very low since we are just getting set. Prices are as low as 1$. Consider this a giveaway price!

Lest we forget!

We promised you a special gift and that wasn’t a joke. We are giving away one of our newly created NFT to our community. Simply click This link to claim. Only 69 NFTS are available and the count is getting lesser!

Finally, we are in constant development and this means that there might be drastic changes in our mode of operation. Regardless, we will ensure that these changes are in the best interest of our community and NFT holders. We value our collectors as much as we value the photography they hold. That being said, we are happy to be back again and we hope you enjoy your gift!

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