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By Dzoelx | Cryptocurrency Scripts | 15 Nov 2020

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Hey man, let me tell you a very interesting story. Fathers told kids this story at moonlight. The kids were always excited about the ‘folktales’. Little did they know it was a true story and not some kind of fiction. Guess what, I was one of those kids. Not sure I paid the correct attention to the story. Just like you, I always wanted to skip the story sessions…who cares about some moonlight tales from some aged men.

Well, that shouldn’t be the case with you. Unlike my fathers, I won’t only tell you about the past, I will tell you about the far past, the present and the future. Yeah, you heard me right, the future! You already know I am no fortune teller…I’d be way richer if I was!

Now pay close attention…

Before the white men sailed their ships to the shores of our land, before you could see yourself in a mirror, before the steam engines and technology, before money and cryptocurrencies; Agriculture was the principal way of life. Unaware of the world beyond, the strong African men lived on the fertile lands of the warm planet and fed from tilling the lands and raising the mild animals.

A wealthy man was simply a wealthy Farmer. Barter was the trade system. We would carry a basket filled with Yams to the village square to get rice grains in return. There was no Noodles, and for sure no one thought about Sushis. But life was pretty simple and Farmers ruled the world.

We had kings, kings had Farms and the largest Compounds. Taxation is as old as centralized leadership, so we paid taxes, with our Farm products of course. For euphemism, we called this ‘royalties and homage’. Citizens and allies paid homage to the king. Tubers of Yams, piled farm products; these filled the king’s Compound. For someone who received these without any tangible effort, the king says a clumsy prayer and sent wishes to the citizens paying their homage. The palace staff puts away the Harvests for the king and everyone returned to their homes.


Our homes were huts. Well, it might sound hurtful, but these huts were humble, happy and peaceful abodes. Our mothers made Creams from kernels and our skins always looked nourished. For breakfast, Dodo and Yam fries were my favorite. Our mothers were naturally great cooks and they all owned a Bakery as part of their kitchen setup. The Farmers will always storm our Compound in the early mornings to Swap some food items with Dodo and fried Yams. My mother was an elite baker.

Once a young man comes of age, he receives parcels of land from the fathers and becomes a recognized member of the community. Success in life is measured by his agricultural prowess and how good his preservation techniques are. Of course, with a poor preservation technique, even an awesome Farmer runs into losses.

Rotten products were the biggest financial accidents. Many superstitious tales surrounded rotting of farm products. Our fathers told stories of how a stubborn Farmer lost all his farm products to rot because he failed to feed a hungry ghost during his late-night visit to the farm. Well, I won’t blame him, I wouldn’t feed a scary looking being in the late nights too. But, yes, he lost everything for the year.


Success in life was almost the same as success in agriculture, a successful farmer will build a successful family and own more parcels of land. It all boils down to the farm.

Success in agriculture was not just about personal strength or determination…

The gods own the land, they relate with humans. They bless who they wish and punish who defaults their rules. Sacrifices with farm products appeased the gods, but unlike the kings, the gods never speak in person. They appear in different forms. Ghosts, ridiculous animals, moving trees…many tales of farmers and the gods. Our fathers tell these stories with so much abstraction that they are hard to believe. Even a new royal lineage was chosen by fighting ghosts. Who ever wins becomes king and passes the mantle down to offspring. Whoever losses…never comes out alive. But that’s by the way.

The gods bless the lands with fertility, but the citizens have two main responsibilities; respect the land and respect the rulers. Fertility is a principal factor for agricultural success.

With more fertility comes an even greater Yield. Farmers in the quest for a greater Harvest are always in search for the most fertile land (call it Yield farming!). They are nomadic due to this. But fertility was a relative term and is time-bound. Different land pieces favoured different kinds of plants, and its fertility could also go either way with time.

Brilliant farmers ‘shift’ their farms. Knowing well how fertility works, these farmers planted different seeds on different parcels of land and shuffles between these lands over time according to predicted fertility factors. This was the secret of the most successful farmer in the land. He grew popular, the people loved him, he became close to the kings and was considered the gods’ favourite.

This trend continued for years, agriculture ruled our world and yield farmers ruled agriculture.

But one day, the story changed…

Women who had gone to the river for their daily activities came back earlier than expected. But that was the least surprising part of the story. Stories filled the community, citizens trooped to the palace. In what looked like a dream, the community welcomed the first set of foreigners. Being humans was the only similarity they had with the rest of the citizens. Different outfit, different language, their ship looked a bit different.

A very long story cut short, they taught the people their own way of life and also learnt ours. The relationship between them and the citizens ushered in a world different from what existed – the world we have today. Steam engines, some new farming principles, internet, cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency and blockchain is one of the most recent revolutions.

You’re already very knowledgeable about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. But, let me tell you about an interesting part of cryptocurrency – Decentralized Finance.

Decentralized financial system (DeFi) is an audacious move to decentralize core financial activities such as financial management, payment, investment, lending , and insurance. Decentralized financial (DeFi) systems comprises applications built on top of blockchains which facilitates permissionless financial services and provides a seamless option for running financial activities. DeFi hopes to introduce the core virtues of blockchain technology to the financial system.

DeFi projects are expanding the scope of financial systems, shifting the paradigm from ‘portable means’ of payments to smart contract applications running independently on a parent blockchain and offering advanced financial services such as insurance, lending, wealth management and an array of other financial management using blockchain resources and exhibiting desired blockchain features such immutability, security, privacy, speed and interoperability.


Amongst the numerous enticing features of decentralized finance projects, ‘yield farming’ has gained its place as the most exciting prospect of decentralized financial systems. The idea of leveraging DeFi protocols to generate interest returns of up to 10% of your initial investment per annum and a couple of other benefits will surely impress any investor. Due to this, DeFi presents an enticing opportunity for mainstream investors to dive into the crypto space—a major cause of the recent boom in DeFi projects.

‘Yield farming’? You’ve seen this somewhere earlier, right? Yeah. But just like the yield farmers of the old times, the biggest issue was knowing which land holds the most fertility and when the fertility peaks. The time-bound variation in fertility was a huge issue. According to our fathers’ tales, these farmers sought different solutions, but none was automated and all was based on repeated trials…and errors.

DeFi has a different story. Harvest finance, a DeFi protocol automates cryptocurrency farming activities to offer users the best earning pools and protocols. Harvest Finance automatically farms the highest yield available from the best yielding Decentralized Finance protocols at a given time. It also optimizes the yields that are already farmed by using the latest farming techniques.

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Harvest finance solves the biggest issues in yield farming. It saves farmers the stress of tracking and responding to yield farming opportunities and moving their assets in response to this. In an ecosystem like ethereums’, moving assets amidst high gas fees could be a huge loss to the farmer. Harvest finance in a brilliant move saves the farmer of these stress and optimizes farming activities. It simply brings the bread to the people, in a platter! However, this doesn’t come without risks, Learn about the risks of using harvest finance’s facility.

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Just like the yield farming explained earlier, yield farming in DeFi is an interesting, yet risky venture. Harvest finance simplifies some of these hassles and reduces the risks to some extent. Nevertheless, it is worthy of note that it doesn’t completely eliminate them. We left out another important quality of a successful farmer – being calculative. A successful crypto farmer should also emulate this character.

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