#DeFiFARMer Writing Contest and Giveaway: $900 in $FARM Prizes!

By igort | Publish0x Contests | 1 Nov 2020

It's heeeere! The biggest writing contest on Publish0x thus far... at least when we look at the ammount of prizes to be given away - $900 worth of FARM tokens of DeFi Harvest.Finance project.


Harvest Finance: Harvest automatically farms the highest yields in DeFi!

Date: Submit your entries between Sunday, 1st November, and Friday, 13th of November 2020. EDIT: The deadline has been extended to Monday, 16th of November!

Topic: We want you to do some creative writing that highlights anything FARM and DeFi related. See more details below.

Prize Pool: $900 in FARM!

  • A wooping $800 in FARM for top 20 posts in the contest!
  • A further 5x $10 in FARM for 5 authors whose posts have not won the contest, but who were just lucky!
  • $50 in FARM is reserved for a Twitter Giveaway - to be split between 10 users.


What is the #DeFiFARMer Contest All About, How to Participate, and How Will the Winners Be Chosen?



Harvest finance will be holding another contest and is rewarding our humble farmers with $900 of those highly sought after FARM tokens!

No this is not the creativity contest, (although everyone is encouraged to enter that as well) this is a completely different contest focusing only on publishers on Publish0x.

At Harvest Finance we highly value creative minds and want to reward our humble farmers that can provide some entertaining content for the community. So instead of the same old tutorial or walk through we want to do something a little different.


We want you to do some creative writing that highlights anything FARM and is DeFi related.


  • Got a cool story about Chad, virgin coders or even the Harvest team?
  • Or maybe you have a spooky ghost story that occurred on the farm, share it with us!
  • Fiction, non-fiction and everything in between is fair game.

Prizes will be awarded to those writers that  show the most creativity and effort!



The rules for the writing contest are simple. :)


  • Submit your entry into the contest between today and the deadline on Friday, 13th of November 2020. EDIT: The deadline has been extended to Monday, 16th of November!
  • Videos are also accepted. You can record a LBRY or a Youtube video, embed it into your article on Publish0x, write a short intro to your post, and link to the article from the Youtube video description.
  • The article you enter the contest with has to be your own original work. We will not accept copy / pasted, spun or translated submissions.
  • When you're done writing the article, publish it in your Publish0x blog and make sure to use the tag DeFiFARMer (without the hashtag, you cannot use hashtags when you tag posts on Publish0x).
  • That's it!


The Total Prize Pool is $900 in FARM! Here's how the prizes will be distributed:


Out of the total Prize pool, $850 is reserved for authors, and $50 in FARM is allocated for those users who share news about the contest on Twitter.


Prizes of $850 in FARM for the writing contest will be distributed as follows:

  • 1st place: $100 in FARM tokens.
  • 2nd and 3rd place: $75 in FARM tokens.
  • 4th - 10th place: $50 in FARM tokens each.
  • 11th - 20th place: $20 each in FARM tokens.
  • 5 lucky winners who don't make it to the top 20: $10 in FARM each.

Don't forget that the prizes will be awarded to those writers that  show the most creativity and effort!


Mini Twitter Giveaway - $50 in FARM to Be Split Between 10 Users.


We've prepared $50 in FARM rewards for the Twitter Giveaway.

We will reward 10 users with $5 in FARM each. The rewards will be split between users who:

  • Tweet a tweet using both the hastag #DeFiFARMer and the hashtag #Publish0x and follow both @Publish0x and Harvest Finance @harvest_finance Twitter accounts.
  • Write the most original tweets in our estimation.
  • Just follow the Twitter Giveaway rules and get lucky!
  • At least 4 of the Twitter rewards will go to authors who participate in this contest and tweet their post to the world!
  • Your Twitter account has to be older than a month, and you need to have at least 20 followers and 10 tweets in the past year.
  • You need to tweet out your tweet between today and Friday, 13th of November 2020. EDIT: The deadline has been extended to Monday, 16th of November!

*Note - In case you win a prize in the Twitter contest and your usernames are different on Twitter and Publish0x, don't worry. In that case, we will simply send you a DM on Twitter asking your for your username on Publish0x, and then you will get the reward!


How Will the Winners Be Paid?

We will ask the winners to send us their ETH address, and Harvest.Finance team will send them the winnings in $FARM, shortly after the contest is over.


🚜 Hold your horses, what even is Harvest Finance?



Many reading this will be familiar with the ins and out of the DeFi craze sweeping the cryptosphere.

Harvest Finance is breaking new ground in this space, and building a truly revolutionary product that will make farming the highest yielding opportunities easier than ever before.

Harvest is not just another forked food project or YFI clone, it is a serious financial tool that utilizes an automated strategy that currently farms and sells Swerve (SWRV) to earn more stablecoins (fUSDT, fDAI, and fUSDC).

We look forward to seeing the community use their creative writing skills to give all our humble farmers an engaging story after a  long day of honest work!


What if I'm Not an Author?



Before you can write posts on Publish0x, we need to approve you as an author. If you want to be a part of this contest and are not yet an author on Publish0x, simply let us know that the reason for the application is to take part in the #DeFiFARMer writing contest when you're applying for authorship at - we will make sure to check (and hopefully approve) these authorship applications extra fast.


Good luck to all who participate!



PS. You can join other Publish0x authors and readers on Telegram, here.


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